Olau Finn

17th September 2004, 14:50
Taken in Glasgow in 1976 when she berthed for a few days on a Travel Agents' promotional visit.
She had quite a long life under various owners and was broken up only in the last 5(?) or so years.Compare to the large Olau ferries of recent years!!

17th September 2004, 15:52
I think she was built as SAGA (Lindhenholm yard) in1966. In 1995 she was
under greek flag as FESTOS (Minoan line). she had a sister the SVEA now
in service and named ANCONA. she is panama flagged of croatia interest.
SAGA is broken up.

Bob S
17th September 2004, 16:43
Coincidence, I've just started a thread for SAGA.

18th September 2004, 16:00
This is good or a sixth sence for our passion of ships!!!!!