Mount Newman

6th July 2006, 15:37
Does anyone have photos or information of M/V Mount Newman? She was employed on the Port Kembla/Port Hedland iron ore trade during the mid & late seventies for the Australian National Line (ANL). She was taken over by Shaw Savill in the early 80s when her charter was finished.

Bruce Carson
6th July 2006, 16:16
There's a nice picture here:

Bruce C

6th July 2006, 16:47
Built by Harland and Wolff Belfast yard number 1691 Launched (floated out) 1st October 1973 delivered 16th November 1973. 65131 gross tons bulk carrier delivered to Pacific Maritime Services Ltd (Furness Withy) Originally named Winsford Bridge as a sister ship to Canadian Bridge yard number 1692 for Britain Steamship Company (Bibby Bros) she was transferred before delivery to Furness Withy.

8th July 2006, 15:24
Thanks guys for the info. M/V Mount Newman was one of my father's ships. He was an AB & I think later on Bosun. The vessel was one of my favourites that he sailed on. I am hoping to be able to access some plans one day to build a model of her. Thanks again

8th July 2006, 18:02
Copies of the plans are available from the Ulster folk and Transport Museum, Cultra Manor, Cultra, Holywood, Co Down, Northern Ireland. they can also supply photographs. Contact for plans is Mr Michael McCaughan and photographs Mr Ken Anderson.

non descript
8th July 2006, 22:53
Ordered by Furness Withy (or to be totally correct, by Pacific Maritime Serives , as a subsidiary of PSNC) when they were part of Seabridge and expected to be named Winsford Bridge, she never entered service with the dreaded Seabridge, as FW had pulled out by that time. She was instead chartered to ANL (hence the name) and she stayed as Mount Newman until 1982 then re-named South Victor (but still under the Tung Group and we fixed her to British Steel when the ANL charter expired), then 1987 Coliita, 1990 Pan Cedar, 1991 Iapetos

9th July 2006, 09:11
I can supply you with prints of Mount Newman colour and B&W
Contact me on - deleted

non descript
28th August 2009, 08:34
Torrens has now kindly added an excellent picture of her here (