Ship Simulator 2006

12th June 2006, 11:52
Now we can all go back to sea again! (Thumb)

No mention of the engine room though. In the Doxford section, you could have had a virtual scavenge fire or pull a piston or two! Mind you, the steam section would be a bit boring, just watching the gauges. (*))

12th June 2006, 14:53
It's also available to pre-order from at £14.99 delivered.
I use this site a lot, they're generally the cheapest around.
Try this link

12th June 2006, 17:42
That is looking to be good. I donwloaded the demo earlier from

Very fun, and I think it will run nicely alongside Virtual Sailor!

8th July 2006, 17:43
Received the new PC simulator earlier this week, and my opinion is rather mixed.
The realism of the ships is quite impressive, and the wash patterns are first rate- it looks like you are actually looking at a real ship.
But I was hugely disappointed with the gameplay. There are only 3 locations where you can sail - Rotterdam, Hamburg and the Phi Phi islands. It is impossible to go anywhere else.
'Missions' simply involve sailing from one place to another, and then to another without any real interaction with the environment.
Compared with other simulators like Flight Simulator, SS2006 just doesn't measure up - a poor effort, and as far as I am concerned a waste of money.
Hopefully some clever people will create downloadable locations and ships in the near future.

21st October 2006, 21:41
Hi Peter,
I just spotted your piece on Ships Simulator 2006. Is it a realistic training navigational tool, like in taking Magnetic Compass bearings from shore objects lighthouses etc., and applying variation, deviation errors, drift, tides, wind and current etc . triangle of velocities and all the rest, realistic Chart-work etc., ? including other ships traffic requiring rules of the road etc., in as real as it gets ? Many thanks for info.
best regards.

23rd October 2006, 15:14
There's no chart work involved, unless you happen to have paper copies of the areas used by the simulator. There are various weather effects in the program, but I'm not sure how accurately their effect on ship handling is modelled.
There has been an addition of New York harbour to the simulator recently, with some extra scenarios. There is also the capabilty of creating your own scenarios, and a number of users have done that. They are available form the Shipsim website forum.
There is a Shipsim 2007 in development, and the developers are hopefully going to expand on what 2006 could do in the later version. Not sure when it's going to be available, though.
I've played it a bit and it looks to model ship handling quite well, although it's a long time since I was involved in real ones!

23rd October 2006, 16:49
Thanks for the further info on ships sim 2006, I guess the 2007 version will be an improvement and I will await its release date in anticipatlion., I still have a collection of old charts from my sea-days and I would love to ''Play'' with them again, (If thats the right word).
Best Regards

23rd October 2006, 20:19
You can "try before you buy," there is a demo available from the Shipsim website, under downloads.

24th October 2006, 19:26
There is a free download for those who have the full version at their site,I believe it adds New York to the scenery

18th December 2006, 15:23
I am interested in this simulator.
I wonder if it can be used for training mates?

20th December 2006, 03:54
The short answer is, no!

Hey Fellas, this is only a ''past time game'', a bit of fun.

I too was disappointed in the games limitations, especially with the views of the ''Titanic''.
However, I accidentally left my joystick plugged in from playing a Flight Sim and I found to my great interest that using the buttons on the joystick I could view from many more positions outside and including on the Bridge of the ''Titanic''.
Of course you need some skill to go alongside. I dare say that it would give one a fair idea about handling engines and steering relative to positioning of the ship.

By the way, if you stuff up, you can see the bill in repairs mount up, in Euros.

Suffice to say that it is OK for a first effort and if more people buy it then the developers will have the revenue to upgrade and improve!

That's usually the way it works, doesn't it?

Thanks & Cheers.

Steve Gray
22nd December 2006, 22:41
Hello, having just entered my second childhood I bought myself Ship Simulator 2006 and having just caused havock & considerable damage to Hamburg Harbour I would be grateful if anyone out there could let me know if there is a joystick on the market that is suitable for ship sims, dual throttle, bow thrusters and engines astern etc, There are lots out there for flight sims so perhaps there are suitable ones for piloting ships & boats.
Any advice would be very much appreciated.
Best wishes to all for Christmas & 2007.

Keltic Star
23rd December 2006, 03:54
I have used a Logitech ATK3 joystick on Flight Simulator for the past 4 years, it works great and am sure you could reprogram cetain functions to replace ship controls rather than aircraft controls. Checked out the latest model on Staples Canadian online catalogue which describes it as follows:

"Easy setup with more control is the strength of the Logitech® Attack™ 3 joystick. It sets up in just minutes and 11 fully programmable buttons give you the performance you’ve been looking for. The ambidextrous handle fits comfortably in your right or left hand"

The good news is that the price here is only $30.00 Cdn, probably be a bit more expensive in the UK.

Have fun