Tanker At Gan

yorky jim
11th July 2006, 18:12
There was a very old tanker at the island of GAN.
What ever did happen to it?
We went along side of it on the H.M.S SCYLLA in 1972.
I never took any pics of her ,all i remember looking down at her hull and seeing all those lovely colourfull sea anemones.
And she did not look at all sea worthy at all.
do,s any one know of her history and any pics of her at GAN.
I can,t remember her name ,but could have been a old WAVE CLASS R.F.A.
The crew seemed to be all locals.


yorky jim (Thumb)

11th July 2006, 19:19
That would have been WAVE RULER.
See my page at
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yorky jim
12th July 2006, 17:44
(*)) mant thanks ray, for that web site. WAVE RULER
1970 at gan
1975 sold for scrap
1977 scrapped
She did not stay there very long.
I gather that once we had lost control of SEMBAWANG DOCKYARD at singer,s,we had less ships going out to the far east.
so there would be less requiring fuel.
Except when we were doing the BEIRA PATROLS we needed the R.F.A tankers all the time.
On the web site there is apic of WAVE RULER with a very empty hull,any idea,s where she could be.

It appers the WAVE RULER took over from WAVE VICTOR at gan.

12th July 2006, 20:42
Most of the pictures of Wave Class are at Malta,
I had an uncle - a Maltese merchantman, name of Rizzo.
I am not at all familiar with ports of the world.
Maybe someone else could recognise where she was.

Glad to have been of help.

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13th July 2006, 17:09
The purpose of Wave Victor and then Wave Ruler at Gan was as fueling hulks for aviation fuel for the RAF.