Fruit boats!

Peter Eccleson
12th July 2006, 21:12
Anyone know what happened to the fruit ships that Cunard bought in the 1970's - Saxonia, Samaria,Scythia etc?
Anyone got any photo's?



12th July 2006, 21:20
If you click on the Search Forum box,
and type in Saxonia or Samaria etc ...
you will find a good number of other topics which include your ships.

Best Wishes

Peter Eccleson
13th July 2006, 14:51
Thanks (*))

1st August 2006, 12:10
If you go to gallery "Peggy 747" you wil find a photo of some of those ships laid up in Birkenhead docks, un fortunatly I didnt note down their names but you may be able to identify them yourself--Picture taken in 1987.


16th October 2006, 22:44
Anyone know what happened to the fruit ships that Cunard bought in the 1970's - Saxonia, Samaria,Scythia etc?
Anyone got any photo's?



Peter, Go to Cunard Forum, Cunard pictures and more,
there are all the photo's of the ships you are looking for.
All the best,

15th March 2007, 16:31
Hi, I had a few trips on the good old Saxonia running out of LA Wilmington to Golfito and Guayaquill and back to Long Beach...ah those halcyon days!!! Old mans name was Jack Knight..........(Thumb)

19th August 2007, 21:49
I sailed with the infamous yank too ... also out of Wilmington , he often took a short detour into a Californian Bay to show us his house !

I wonder if hes still alive ??

Mike Davies

10th October 2007, 13:50
Sailed on Saxonia my last trip 1979, Europe to Central America, with Capt Jack. She had a good turn of speed I remember. Did 3 trips and paid off in Tilbury.

12th October 2007, 10:38
sailed on servia 85 i think it was...they were all layed up in birkenhead awaiting it off dover pool

30th December 2007, 22:10
Hello Peter, Theres some pictures in my posts of the Saxonia' from when I sailed on her' also with Captain Knight and his two daughters.

Tony Breach
31st December 2007, 07:12
SAMARIA scrapped as CAPRICORN by Gupta Steel Alang & arrived 30.07.97

SAXONIA as CARINA seriously damaged in collision with MSC SAMIA off Holland 07.07.95. Towed to Zeebrugge & declared as CTL. 18.03.96 demolition commenced at Aliaga by Dortel Gemi Sokum Demir Celik.

SCYTHIA as CENTAURUS suffered a serious fire while discharging bananas at Wilmington DE on 08.02.89. Subsequently settled as a CTL & arrived Chittagong 16.07.89 where demolition started by Abdul Motaleb on 20.07.89.

SERVIA as KASTORA suffered a serious fire while on a voyage from Limon to New Orleans 26.04.89. 29.04.89 towed to Kingston, Jamaica & declared a CTL. Towed to Pakistan under the name MARWAN XI & demolition commenced by M.H. & Co., at Gadani Beach.

All ships were owned by the Kollakis group at the time of their demise.


Peter Eccleson
15th January 2008, 17:13
Thanks to all.....especially Tony for the info.
Quite an interesting end to most of them!


23rd February 2008, 21:44
Hi There Peter. Have just joined the site and been cruising thru the forums and came across yours. I was a steward on the M.V Servia and sailed on her 3 times the last time I joined her we spent 3 months anchored of the german coast I think and then we sailed to birkenhead and laid her up there. I paid off her on the 17-12-84.It's sad to here of the demise of a ship that one has sailed on but it does bring back all the good memories that we have. Regards Matthew Williams

Peter Eccleson
26th February 2008, 13:38
Welcome to the site..... as so often quoted "its addictive".

kevin morgan
1st May 2008, 09:45
G'day all , i was on the Saxonia twice ,and the Samaria twice in the early 80's , i also did the 6 lay-ups in Birkenhead , i was known as Moggy back then. nice ships.

John Ringrose
30th May 2008, 14:38

I have only just joined the site so very late to reply.

I was sent to the Orchidea when she was bought from MFC. We sailed them to Falmouth whilst still with their old names. There were three of them down in Falmouth in dry dock. Charlie Pratt was on the Iris Queen I can't remember the other one, think it was the Orange. I know we had the usual party whilst in Falmouth and the nurses and BT Operators turned up and we had to summon everyone from the other ships to make up the numbers.

16th June 2012, 11:20
I sailed on the Samaria in 82 I think. Chief was George Herron - loudest voice in the merchant navy but a great Guy. Derek bachelor was 4E, Rees Boldero 3E, reefer was "Huggers" lecky was geordie Jim. I loved that ship. Bremerhaven bar in Cortez, Golfito, And all those other Central American ports.

AT Smith
11th February 2014, 12:13
I was there! First trip to sea...from the names you mention we could have crossed:
I joined in Sheerness and we went up to Immingham for drydock. George Heron was Chief. Pete Smith took over and was there for most of my trip, George Heron rejoined towards the end.
Ian Wilson was 2/E, "Big Brian" was J2, sailing as 3rd, Dave "Boy" Green 4/E. 5/E was called Paul, an Aussie?
There were 5 engineer cadets to start but the others were senior. Myself and Andy Flint were the first trippers, we were known as "The Androids"...Yes, good times around the Central American ports.

Neil Mant
11th February 2014, 13:01
I sailed on the Andria,Servia,Samaria,Scythia and Saxonia all several times from 78 to 85 as a steward, then moved to the Atlantic Conveyor. first being the Servia in dec 1978 to dec 1979 went out to bluff for a month alonside and the Samaria was opposite us, we went to avonmouth and the Samaria went to Russia to discharge, In Bluff on the night the Samaria was leaving someone from the Servia painted in red F*** right next to the Cunard on the bridge housing and someone from the Samaria painted on ours FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE. any one on that trip