Gorgon,alongside Broome Jetty

13th July 2006, 08:43
I am hopefull this pic. turns out O.K. as it was coppied from 8mm Cine film taken in 1962, it is of the Gorgon Resting on the mud at Broome Jetty.
These Ships had strenthend bottoms because of the high tides in the North West of Western Australia.

13th July 2006, 08:58
This is a pic of the Gorgon at Robbs Jetty Nr Fremantle W.A. Discharging Cattle 1962,
Pic taken from 8 mm cine film.

13th July 2006, 17:14
The Charon and the Gorgon were designed specifically for the WA to Singapore and Malaysia run with as previously mentioned specially strengthened hulls to rest high and dry in ports like Broome WA.
They also had a fairly high passenger complement eg carrying schoolchildren from Singapore to and from WA.
Nice compact little ships, spoiled by the counter stern which I can only put down to BF pinch-penny construction.