Felixstowe Tugs

david smith
22nd September 2004, 09:13
image deleted

Bob S
22nd September 2004, 15:41
Landguard Point is an excellent vantage point for photographs. How long has the Flying Osprey been at Felixstowe?

Bob S
24th September 2004, 14:20
Whilst the "Southampton" based FLYING OSPREY is seen at Felixstowe, the "Felixstowe" based DEBEN is seen at Southampton. The "Thames" based SUN SURREY is also at Southampton. Makes the tug scene more interesting.
Missed the cranes arriving, ZHEN HUA 1 I believe but saw the ZHEN HUA 6 a few days later with smaller sections. It was rather dull and misty so not very good for photography.

Bob S
26th September 2004, 12:57
Was the webcam photo from February or last week? noticed the ZHEN HUA 1 was in yesterday.

As for the TRIMLEY shots, give in.... a sponcered boat wash maybe...