Imperial Transport

14th July 2006, 22:19
Who remembers the Imperial Transport? Joined her as pantry boy in Purfleet 1960 to Gothenburg.Didn't like her then,wish I was in her now!

29th October 2006, 12:57
hi notnila i sailed on the imperial transport in 63 joined her in falmouth then it was across to venezuala and up the orinoco river and then to bayonne nj she 'd been laid up in the river fal for a long time and was full of rust when we got to new york the pilot came over the rail and said is it f*****g safe to stand on this deck and we did that trip for months i missed her in bayonne and came home dbs on the rms salvania all the best kepwee

29th October 2006, 13:46
Spent many happy times on that ship. Must have been pre rust days! She was OK when I was there. Sailed in her as an Apprentice and later as 3rd & 2nd Officer. I too wish I was there now (Sometimes!).

Clive Anthony Fisher
4th November 2006, 04:46
Are you Guys wanting Image of the Imperial Transport I have one of her in Sydney Harbour passing the Old Man of War Steps just where the Sydney Opera House now stands it was taken in late 1953 for Houlder Bros, is this the same vessel, and would you like me to post it, I think it could the vessel you require.

4th November 2006, 08:24
Hello Clive,

I would be interested in seeing the photo of Imperial Transport in Sydney.

I sailed into Sydney several times on the Orotava Bridge (1969-1970), loading grain at Glebe Island.

There was a photograher who took very good pictures of vessels passing under the bridge with the Opera House in the background, he would then come down to the respective ships selling the large format photos, I now regret that I never bought one of these photgraphs.

Are you aware or any other member of S.N. who might now own the catalogue of ships photos that this photograher built up so that I can obtain one.



5th November 2006, 18:05
Have found a shot of her taken off Las Palmas in 1961. Wii attempt to get it on the gallery. Never done that before.

5th November 2006, 18:15
Well, I tried and have no idea if it has gone through or not. Pity if not as it is a fine picture.

john shaw
5th November 2006, 18:33
2 pics of Imperial Transport at:

also one on here at

5th November 2006, 20:38
Thanks but not the one I posted. It may be there but I can't find it. To be honest I can't find my way around the gallery at all but there again, I was not born to use computers. I believe I put it into Ships of the World whatever that is. Never mind, I'll go back into hibernation.

non descript
12th November 2006, 17:20
Thanks to Clive, we now have an excellent shot of Imperial Transport here:

16th November 2006, 19:46
Thanks guys, pics are great.Boy do they bring back memories.

18th April 2012, 23:41
talk about the I T being a rust bucket. Loaded a two grade fuel oil cargo at the Isle of Grain and discharged one blend at Las Palmas. BP were not pleased!! Mike