'Queen of the South Atlantic'

15th July 2006, 02:50
Some comments about the Book "L'Atlantique"
Author: Les Streater.
Publisher: Tempus. ISBN 0752428373. Softcover. RRP 20.00 pounds +p&p
My copy from BrownsBooks Hull @ 11.53 pounds +p&p thru Amazon.co.uk.
What a teriffic book! A magic full color painting on the cover by Stephen Card starts off the pleasure. It is jam packed with dozens of period pics from construction, including several in early Color, and gloriously exxagerated interior designers renditions of her sumptious 1st class interiors; one of which shows the chapel resembling an Art Deco Cathedral!!
As well as a Full Size Tennis court, there was a 140 meter long "street of shops" including one containing a motor car! (type not stated)!! So whats new, RCCL?
There is a potted History of the company, together with images of earlier vessels, most much better looking, and the final 53 pages (out of 120 total) are devoted to the disasterous blaze, bickering over insurance claims and final scrapping in Scotland. This sections contains some of the most astonishing pics taken during final salvage and demolition in Scotland.
Gripes: several inexcusable typos, a number of uncaptioned pics, and an absurdly tiny PART of a deckplan showing that street of shops, with innacurate table of items on the plan.
All in all a MUST BUY for any Classic Liner enthusiast to get to learn something an almost forgotten ship.
Good Reading!
David D (Thumb)

Footnote:I wonder if RCCL/AkerFinnyards monster "Project Genesis" due in a few years time will include a "Hummer" dealership? The way the oil price is rising , it will probably be a "Smart" Car Showroom by the time of the maiden voyage.