Cerinthus 1967 - 1968

Tony's Girl
24th July 2006, 13:58
Hi all,

I'm new to the site and am looking for information about my father Tony Noon. he served in the Merchant Navy between 1967 - 1969 on the Cerinthus, Bidford Priory and Denby Grange.
I have his Seamans Record Book and know when he sailed and where from, but not where to - why isn't that recorded?
I have the following dates that he sailed and if anyone knows anything, I would be forever in their debt!!

02.08.67 - Ellesmere Port - Discharge: Ellesmere Port 21.10.67 - FGN
21.10.67 - Ellesmere Port - Discharge: Ellesmere Port 26.10.67 - HT RUN
22.11.67 - Greenock - Discharge: Greenock 03.12.67 - FGN
04.01.68 - Barry - Discharge: Ellesmere Port 07.01.68 - FGN
08.01.68 - Ellesmere Port - Discharge: South Shields 29.01.68 - FGN
30.01.68 - South Shields - Discharge: Ellesmere Port 08.04.68 - FGN
09.04.68 - Ellesmere Port - Discharge: Kingston Jamaica 02.07.68 - FGN

Denby Grange:
05.10.68 - Immingham - Discharge: Kristiansand 18.10.68

Bidford Priory:
21.11.68 - Hamburg - Discharge: London 01.05.69

Hope you can help!!!

24th July 2006, 14:21
In a Discharge Book it only shows the port signed on and signed off in. If the vessel has made stops in several other ports in the period onboard then this will not show up.

Tony's Girl
24th July 2006, 14:57
Is there anyway of finding out what stops the ship made?
I foresee a minefield........

non descript
24th July 2006, 15:15
Happy Birthday to you.
Kind regards

non descript
24th July 2006, 15:17
Apart from making the unhelpful comment that minefields are not good places for tankers (*)) - I do have a proper suggestion on how you can trace the ports of call of Cerinthus.
Please send me a P/M if you want to take it up
Kind regards