Bill Harding

29th July 2006, 14:43
anyone know the whereabouts of bill harding from chelmsford.
worked for clan line then maff as chief engineer ?
last known in Lowestoft mid 90s

29th July 2006, 14:49
Welcome Rob to the site enjoy it and all it has to offer. I suggest you ask same question on the MN site

William Harding
3rd April 2008, 19:51

I was told that this site held a search for me. If you e-mail me at
(email address and phone numbers removed as per site policy. Please use the Personal Message system for initial contact.)

I'm back living in Lowestoft. I work for Smit International, the Dutch salvage group. Lots to catch up with I think.

Kiki has been in touch again too, just after Christmas. And was being nostalgic with Kim over the bikes in the Forest of Dean.

I can't remember when I last came to see you, but I've had some poor emotional/financial years since then. Bounced back up now -- but lost all my contact info a few years ago on a holiday, and have been trying various ways of getting info about old friends. Hadn't even realised there was a site like this.

Got told about this site yesterday midday, 'cos an article in January 08's Ship's monthly was about Clan Line so a local shipyard manager showed me the article, and how coincidental because last night someone else I've not seen in a while called and said someone called Rob Roberts was trying to find me on this site.

Hope you are doing OK. I'd love to get back in touch.

Best Wishes,