Elwick Bay

30th July 2006, 23:01
Does anyone have a picture or can provde information about the the old Orkney coaster Elwick Bay that I think was built in the 1930's and remained in service until the early 70's?


31st July 2006, 00:00
Starter for 10 ...
No picture of Elwick Bay, but there is mention of
Captain Moncreif, "Elwick bay" and "St Rognvald"

2nd August 2006, 21:22
Thanks Treeve.

2nd August 2006, 21:42
You're welcome ... I have just remembered I know someone who was involved with the Orkney ferry ... I'll write to him and see what I can find out ... He may know someone who can help you, at least ... only thing is that he is very busy ( often out of the country ) and it may take a while. There is someone else who may be able to help .... Watch this space.

allan besant
2nd August 2006, 21:49
Hi Billy_ s,
If you send me a PM with E/MAIL address and your requests Im sure I'll be able to help you. Regards----------Allan

30th August 2006, 20:18
Information received from Mike Clouston, born and brought up in Orkney.
"I have a book "Days of Orkney Steam", written by Alastair & Anne
Cormack, and published in 1971.
In there the only mention of the "Elwick Bay" is as follows:-
Built 1930
Acquired by Dennisons 1959
Builders Koster HZN Gideon
Engineers Deutz A.G.
Where Built Gronningen
264 Gross tons
Dimensions 122'x23'x9'
HP 47
Propulsion M.V.
Notes Ex Torwood etc., re-engined Lister 416 b.h.p. Last locally owned

"I have another book "Tales of the Elwick Bay" written by Bill and Sylvia
Dennison and published by them in 1989, in which they tell some humorous
stories of their time while they were coasting with the ship."

Best Wishes, Raymond

1st February 2008, 20:03
I have a couple of shots of her being broken up in the pontoon dock at Aberdeen

1st February 2008, 23:49
Billy, Iposted a photo and info on her in the gallery last Sept. do a search in the gallery and not only will you find that photo but six others posted by others last year. Charley.

23rd February 2008, 19:32
Here you go . . . thumbnail of her.

3rd March 2008, 20:17
Thanks lads. She was a regular visitor to the Tweed Dock usually carrying seed potatoes. A very sturdy little vessel as I recall.