City of Kimberly

31st July 2006, 20:58
I am writing to enquire if anyone has photos of the City of Kimberly / Fort Providence - the later being built in Canada for the MOWT but managed by Ellerman's
Thanks in advance

Doug Michael

31st July 2006, 22:10
Hi Doug
City of Kimberley on

the other girl had a varied life afterwards,
maybe there is a picture of her in later life?
FORT PROVIDENCE Victory type ship
7,201 grt; 441.5 x 57.2 ft
Built 1944 Burrard Dry Dock Co., Vancouver.
Managers : Ellerman & Bucknall S.S. Co., London for MOWT.
1948 Eastboard Navigation Co., Toronto, renamed EAST WATER
the name above is all one word but the site leaves out an apparently
naughty word (*)) if I type it in as one word
1952 Atlantic Shipping Agencies Ltd., Montreal, renamed DUNESIDE
1953 Italy, renamed MAR LIBERO
1959 Yugoslavia, renamed DUGIOTOK
Broken up Yokosuka, Japan; 1967

Hugh MacLean
31st July 2006, 22:40

If you PM your email, I will drop you a scan of City of Kimberley.


John Rogers
1st August 2006, 16:54
Looking at the picture on the mersey site,she does not look like a Victory Ship to me,and built in 1925,Pre-war.

Baltic Wal
1st August 2006, 17:19
Ellerman's only had one CITY OF KIMBERLEY and the hoto is correct.

Please do not confuse a Fort with a Victory

FORT PROVIDENCE was built in Canada but was NOT a Victory ship she was a FORT, there were three classes two payed for by the Americans for UK the Oceans and Forts. The Canadians also built the PARKS for their own account. Liberty's and Victory's were built by the Americans for their own account, although some came under the British flag.
The Liberties were introduced at the height of the Battle of the Atlantic with a short expected life span and the Victory's were built for the future

1st August 2006, 19:04
I thought there was only one of each ship that Doug was interested in;
thanks Baltic Wal; and thanks for the correction as to the "Victory type".
I will update my notes ... I am getting a set of books on the WWII ships;
Empire ships on order already ...
Best Wishes