Princess Danae

Bob S
26th September 2004, 13:30
Built as the cargo liner PORT MELBOURNE by Swan Hunter & Wigham Richardson at Wallsend, she was converted to a cruise ship in 1972/4 and bore the names THERISOS EXPRESS, DANAE, STARLIGHT EXPRESS and BALTICA before becoming PRINCESS DANAE in 1996 for the Arcalia Shipping Co. She is seen here in the Italian port of Civitavecchia on the 19th October 2002.

27th September 2004, 08:18
Claim to fame!! Princess Danae was the first liner in recent times to us the Port of Barrow, as a cruise destination!!!!!!
her photo hangs proud in the local theatre here.
At present Barrow is attracting at least 1 cruise ship per year.

25th June 2005, 08:37
Bob -

"Port Melbourne" came from Harland & Wolff's yard, Belfast - it was her sister "Port Sydney" that came from Swan Hunter & Wigham Richardson's yard at Wallsend.


fred henderson
25th June 2005, 15:47
Built in 1955. She is the tenth oldest cruise ship in service. Looks great but I wonder if she will survive the ever stricter safety regulations. Sadly all the beautiful ladies eventually surrender to the passage of time. Even Anne Bancroft has died.


Bob S
25th June 2005, 15:56
Thanks Emmesstee, got the builders out of a book or mag somewhere, they must have got them reversed. (Thumb) ...... or it could have been me!

20th July 2012, 12:39
Princess Danae leaving Piraeus Port on 1st June 2012

22nd October 2014, 13:46
Arcalia has become "Portuscale Cruises" and the "Port Melbourne"/"Princess Danae" has been renamed "Azores".

26th October 2014, 10:38
Arcalia has become "Portuscale Cruises" and the "Port Melbourne"/"Princess Danae" has been renamed "Azores".

The former Princes Danae(Port Melbourne) is now known as Lisboa. It is the former Athena that has been renamed Azores. Athena is of course the former liner Stockholm that collided with Andrea Doria. She will be joining the fleet of Cruise & Maritime Voyages next year replacing Discovery.

27th October 2014, 02:41
Thanks for the correction, David.....and for the good news that the "Port of Melbourne" (which I photographed in Melbourne in the 1950s) will live on as the "Lisboa"! I wonder whether C&MV will send "Stockholm"/"Athena/"Azores" out here to Australasia, maybe replacing the "Astor", which is not nearly as nice as the "Athena"?