mick Wright
4th August 2006, 17:00

Have any of the members got a picture of HMS Whitehall WW11 Destroyer.

An old sailor is looking for it before he pops his seaboots.

Mick Wright

john shaw
4th August 2006, 17:12
Mick-- if this is D94, there is a photo of her for sale on ebay, seller "100000", it finishes in about 36hours time-- it failed to sell last time around.Starts at 3 plus 3p&p

There is a small pic on (or .org)

4th August 2006, 17:13
Hang on in there, Mike,
I hope you have many years more before that happens.
Three pictures at
Best Wishes

john shaw
4th August 2006, 17:17
yep-- the 10x8 on ebay is a copy of the centre one from treeve.

4th August 2006, 17:18
Go to [url] range.htm and scroll down page, a photo of D94 HMS Whitehall

4th August 2006, 17:23

Hope some of this helps your friend.

yorky jim
4th August 2006, 17:40
here is a pic ,with thanks from shipmates web site.
i hope this is the one you are looking for

regards jim

7th August 2006, 17:18
The previous pic of Whitehall by Yorky Jim was taken in the 1920's.These pics were taken during the second world war.

7th August 2006, 17:20
Another pic of some of the crew with her mortar mountings in 1941.

John Tremelling
7th August 2006, 21:51
I am impressed with the ability of members to souce info.

John Trem

New boy

mick Wright
15th August 2006, 23:17
Have not been around much lately thank you you guys for all the Whitehalls much appreciated.

The old boy will be delighted.

Mick Wright

17th September 2006, 19:11
Hi, I have a large collection of V&W pictures and plan files, as I am working on a model of Whitehall, it was my uncles first and only billet in the Royal navy. His last years with her was on the Russian convoys. and loved the navy with all his heart, he tels of how after finnishing training he got his orders and it said "Destroyer" wow! he thought he had hit the jackpot, he joined her in Portsmouth, the jolly boat took them out in the direction of a brand new super destroyer and to his dismay he found out that HMS Whitehall was tied up to her on the other side! . I have found that a lot of the pictures of her on E-Bay are just computer printed images and even though they are listed as "stunning" the quality is not so great. the files that are on this thread from the other guys will give you much better results and if you print on a good printer then they can not be beat. so save your pennies! Thanks. Pugwash, ....Aaarg....

17th September 2006, 19:14
I forgot to mention that the first picture in my last posting was of Whitehall during her last days at the breakers, she is the one outboard.

23rd October 2006, 20:06
I forgot to mention that the first picture in my last posting was of Whitehall during her last days at the breakers, she is the one outboard.
sorry I mean the one inboard next to the dock