Waverly does it again

7th August 2006, 22:59
p.s Waverly has tonight again run aground at girvan not what on or why was wondering if any one had any pics. Last time she went aground seriously was in 1988 when she hit the Gantocks in dunoon but since then has had minor scuffs.

tom e kelso
31st August 2006, 07:43
A rather belated note.

As I remember the newspaper account, Waverley touched on a sandbank when leaving Girvan, and got off with her own efforts. She returned to the quay and disembarked her passengers who were bussed back to there original departure points. Presumably, after "sounding round", she was given official permission to return to Ayr, where examination proved that no damge had been done.

On the occasions when I have been aboard when the ship made a call at Girvan, the procedure has been to head in and berth starboard side to the jetty at the root of the south breakwater. Unberthing, was then carried out by going straight astern out over the bar and only then then canting.

Silting up of the bar has been a long-standing problem with Girvan, but it would seem that there is still enough water for Waverley to berth at low water since on Mondays throughout July and August she has been programmed to make this call at the same clock time. A pity if this call is discontinued next summer.