Eastbank 60/61

9th August 2006, 03:28
Hi. Was an Apprentice with Bank Line 60 to 64. Served on the Eastbank, Fleetbank, Foylebank, Streambank and Cedarbank. First trip completely around the world. Enjoyed every minute of it. Woild like to keep a Bank Line Forum going and trying to find old shipmates. Twocoats

9th August 2006, 23:36
Welcome to SN Twocoats.

I hope you will meet up with some of your old friends here.


28th August 2007, 00:35
Hi Twocoats, There's a photo of you, Paddy Ramsay and Angus with pipes amongst my photos. Take a look! I think it was Christmas 1962 on the Eastbank.
Best regards despite the NZ fracas! Howard aka Lefty