ex British Frigates

david smith
28th September 2004, 11:33
image deleted

28th September 2004, 12:17
06 and 07 might possibly be CONDELL and LYNCH which were two Leanders built for the Chilean Navy in 1973/4 or thereabouts by Yarrow at Scotstoun..There was some delay with them because of union opposition at the time to the Chilean Government and they were prevented from leaving.Must look out my shots of them.
The other two don/t look like ex-British unless they have been modified.Could be ALMIRANTE RIVEROS and/or ALMIRANTE WILLIAMS which I think were also original builds.

Bob S
30th September 2004, 13:31
Nice picture, I photographed ALMIRANTE WILLIAMS many years ago when she visited Portsmouth but unlike your photo, I had the normal British weather.
Fairfield is right, 06 is CONDELL, 07 LYNCH, 18 ALMIRANTE WILLIAMS & 19 ALMIRANTE RIVEROS. I think the "Almirante" class were built in the UK at Barrow?

Useful web site for warships is www.hazegray.org although it doesn't appear to have been updated for sometime.

1st October 2004, 05:08
Isn/t it amazing how all these navies do so well out of our old warships? Think Romania is the latest now getting some Type 22s!

1st October 2004, 08:40
Chile has had Sheffield ex type 22, and is sniffing round the 23's coming available next year

1st October 2004, 10:24
Bargains galore!

Doug Rogers
2nd October 2004, 02:13
Bargains galore!

Hi everyone,

And putting the boot in even further, if the latest defence review comes to pass there will be even more ships available to purchase including the early mark Type 23's. If I remember rightly I think the destroyer/frigate force is now projected down to 23 vessels in total - inclding vessels in refit!!.
A sign of the times I guess....

Bob S
3rd October 2004, 15:34
Romania certainly is getting a couple of Type 22's, HMS COVENTRY has already been handed over and is currently running out of Portsmouth, probably on trails, as REGELE FERDINAND (F221). The photo shows her at Portsmouth a couple of months ago. HMS LONDON is now in Romanian colours and bearing the pennant number F222 as REGINA MARIA but still flying the red ensign at present.