Manchester Vanguard

14th August 2006, 01:12
Any one out there who remembers the old canals on the St. Lawrence before the Seaway opened in 1959.?
The thumbnails show the "Manchester Vanguard" (first one) in the locks on the Soulange canal between Montreal and Lake Ontario. The locks were only 250 feet long and the ship, I think was 245 feet. We just fitted in the lock. The draught was limited to 14 feet, you can see the draught marks on the 2nd. thumbnail with the bow on the lock gate.

There were 32 locks and guard gates from Montreal to Lake Ontario. We passed through the Lachine, Soulange and Cornwall canals and dropped the pilot at Kingston and then proceeded to Toronto.

It was a long old haul and we didn't get much sleep but it was well worthwhile
it as we went to so many interesting ports. Toronto, Hamilton,Ontario then through the Welland Canal(which lifted us up Niagara Falls) on to Cleveland,Ohio, Detroit,Michigan, Chicago,Illinois, Milwaukee,Wisconsin and many other smaller ports.

In the winter when the Lakes were iced up we went on the Banana boat run from Liverpool to Lisbon and Canary Islands(Las Palmas and Tenerife) on charter to Yeoward Bros.. General cargo and seed potatoes out and tomatoes, bananas and new potatoes back.

See my photos in the Gallery of the "Vanguard" stuck in the ice.

Happy days, we won't see the like again.


14th August 2006, 16:58
Trader, your right these days are gone. I was on the VANGUARD (new ship)from 20/5/59-17/9/59.
Did the Great Lakes and the Las Palmas run. We came through the new canal, just ahead of the Royal yacht. We hove to while the Queen was boarding the barge to take her into Kingston?? seeing the Manchester Liner on the ship's side she had the barge come close up and gave us a wave as she went by. One of the best ships I was on.

14th August 2006, 17:17
Was 4 years in a row up there on Photinia(Stag Line)used to see a couple of Feeder container boats from Manchester Liners but believe were Spanish Flag

20th June 2015, 07:03
According to TheShipsList ( Manchester Liners sold the Manchester Vanguard to General Steam Navigation Co. in 1963, and it was renamed Sheldrake.
I have the original ship's bell if anyone is interested.