14th August 2006, 11:33
Hi, does anyone remember the Chief Engineer on the Dwarka nicknamed 'Sqeekie Smith'?

I was on the Strathdevon in Calcutta India around 1982 and we went aboard to see a bit of history and the old Doxford engines. What a ship.

I remember a hurricane hit india and we had to stay in the Hooglie River till it calmed down. I think it was the Strathdoon or maybe Dun that was caught out at sea and came in with a big hole in her side where a bulldozer had broke loose and went through!

The good old SD14s.


16th August 2006, 02:06
Out of interest what Dwarka doing in Calcuta?? when I was there her home port was Bombay - we did Karachi, Muscat, Dubai, Doha, Bahrain, Kuwait and return. Never went around to Calcuta, mind you that was late 70's. The chief was a dower old Scot, who's name escapes me, called everyone by rank. The old man was Hurricane Hank.

Pilot mac
16th August 2006, 09:17

when I was in Dwarka we also used to go to Khorramshar and Basra and occasionally a little port called Gwadar. Gwadar is between Karachi and the entrance to the Gulf (Baluchistan I think).

Chief engineer was Alan Farley? I think.


16th August 2006, 13:32
She was taking the pilgrims to Mecca. However, my memory may have failed me, although I am sure it was Calcutta. That trip on the Strathdevon we went into Bombay, Madras and Calcutta so I could have made a mistake. I remember we were shown the cages for the women to keep them safe from the males on the voyage. Also the Mate was proud to show us his gun to keep control if it was required. Gad, the good old days!!

david smith
16th August 2006, 14:26
Does anyone remember a tv programme about these ships - either the Dumra or Dwarka and featured greenery around the funnel?

James Slater
27th August 2006, 18:23
I know and am in contact with Squeeky Smith, also Alan Farley. I also have the DVD with the BBC program about the Dwarka.

28th August 2006, 11:22
I would be interested in getting my hands on a copy of the DVD. I sailed on the Dwarka as cadet in 1975.

Sailed with Alan Farley on the Strathewe when it came out of the yard in Gdansk.



23rd February 2008, 10:16
Does anyone remember a tv programme about these ships - either the Dumra or Dwarka and featured greenery around the funnel?

They were Bob Smith's (Master) tomatoes. I was 2nd mate and met my wife in Bombay whilst sailing on her. Curried chapati wrap for breakfast on aft stations - now your talking.

1st March 2008, 23:51
Hi, Sailed with Alan Farley on the Belle Rose. Pics here :- http://www.shipsnostalgia.com/gallery/showgallery.php/cat/500/ppuser/13254


3rd March 2008, 22:30
That brings back happy memories of getting the 4/8 watchkeeper to run up to the crew galley and get a couple of wraps for breakfast - lovely stuff.

4th July 2008, 20:26
Hi all, just joined today & this is my 1st post.

Ref post 1, it was the Strathdoon caught in the Bay of Bengal with a loose caterpiller bulldozer. Made for an exciting few hours as we tried to rope her in! It did lead though to an unexpected dry docking in Singapore where the ship was handed over to it's new owners.