System restore

20th August 2006, 14:09
I`m trying to reset my computer on a system restore, to get rid of a virus that it`s picked up. I didn`t go on-line until the 3rd. April, and each time I try to set it to before that date, it just won`t. Is there any way around this? I`d very much appreciate some help here.

Jeff Egan
20th August 2006, 14:16
Nelson, system restore may not get rid of the problem, I tried this a few weeks back and it didnt get rid of my problem, I downloaded AVG free and Spybot search and destroy from the internet and ran the programmes and then restarted my computer and touch wood I seem to have got rid of the problem, good luck.

Hugh MacLean
20th August 2006, 14:40

I dont think System Restore is going to help you here.

First, You need to disable System Restore.
Second, You need to reboot your P.C in Safe Mode.
Third, you need to run your anti-virus program (you have one don't you?)
Fourth, follow the advice of the anti-virus program to delete any viruses picked up by the program.
Fifth, reboot your PC.
Sixth, re-enable System Restore.
Seventh, run a full system scan with your anti virus program.

I hope that helps.


20th August 2006, 23:42
although my hard drive had no virus's or spy ware on it. it was in a terrible state. A new found friend from the states who is something of a computer whizz kid for an important government department. reeled back in shock when i revealed i had been using system restore. he did however wipe my disc clean and totaly reprogram for me. seems to be ok now. apparently one of the items of software was not completely genuine and it was conflicting with the genuine stuff. I am now loaded with the latest symantec anti virus/spyware prog.
Although having used De-frag and Disa clean up regular my hard drive was in a real mess. before. so, if there is anyhting amiss on your hard drive it will probably rear its ugly head again one day. it would need to be cleaned and reprogramed again.I was very lucky that this man had a "diagnostic" program with him which could tell him all he needed to know about the hard drive status. Alas we can not run out and buy one off the shelf as this disc would cost you around 3,000 pounds if you could find one. It is a special program written for the sole purpose of diagnosing hard drive problems. (hope he brings it with him on his next visit!)
To me, a real thicky when it comes to computers, I still think this computer of mind has a mind of its own at times.

22nd August 2006, 10:11
Thank you all very much fellers. I have AVG anti-virus and firewall, but something has got in to slow down my computer. I`ve gone through disc frag and clean up, and that improved it slightly, but I`ll try your advice, Hugh, and see how I get on.
Thank you all again.

K urgess
22nd August 2006, 10:36
If you're running Windows XP watch that little bu**er called memdump or some such foul name. I can't tell you the proper name 'cos it's gone from my machine, zapped, binned - it IS no more.
When your machine slows right down do a control-alt-delete (as you all know this does NOT reboot you machine as in older Windows versions) and look at the processes running. You may find this little joker using up 99% of system resources. Also, if you've tried to close the program that went wrong this sucker will run a copy for EVERY time you tried! (Cloud)
Note the name and do a google on it.
It's part of Windows XP's error reporting system and starts when a program takes too long to load or doesn't stand to attention quick enough for Microsoft's master plan for world domination.
There are all sorts of workarounds listed on various web sites but beware, a lot of them insist you subscribe or buy software before they'll tell you something that's free if you look hard enuf. I seem to remember one of those Microsoft knowledge base thingies about it.
Also when you've done all the little things they tell you to do it sometimes doesn't work as in my case. I just deleted it and my machine is still running so it appears no harm done.
If you don't feel comfortable doing any of the above ask an expert. I'll define expert at a later date.
I'm probably trying to teach old (sea) dogs new tricks but if you didn't know you do now.

john shaw
22nd August 2006, 12:31
you could try the ALWIL home page and download the free avast! virus cleaner tool and try that.It may do the trick. Once rid of it, I recommend the use of WinASO, a registry checker/cleaner-- free to use as long as you don't mind running it a good few times the first time, as it will only repair 10 reg errors at once for free-- or you can pay, but I find a weekly sweep is easy enough after the first time-- though it found almost 400 reg errors requiring about 30+ sweeps!

John Rogers
22nd August 2006, 18:19
WinASO is a very good program for cleaning up your machine, I have a similar program called Registry Mechanic which does the same thing except it has a monitor running all the time after the deep clean.

K urgess
22nd August 2006, 18:27
Unfortunately, because the Windows XP error reporting software is part of the package there is no registry cleaner or virus checker that will do anything about it.
I've always used Norton Systemworks and that just blithely ignores it even when it's running in the background and it takes Norton half an hour to get as far as the welcome screen.
None of the worm/trojan detectors even look for it. It has all the usual Microsoft certificates and permissions etc. (Cloud)

When the only thing you think you can do is reload Windows with all the hassle that entails any get out is worth a try. (*))

John Rogers
22nd August 2006, 23:04
I use XP and I disconnected the error reporting package along with a dozen other features you dont need,very simple to do.

23rd August 2006, 00:02
I feel inclined to agree with you john. But, for the benefit of us who are not computer whizz kids, could you please tell us how to do it withour knackering the whole thing up. I have just been formatted and reprogramed by an expert (he has gone back to the states now unfortunatly) now i find me computer hanging all the time. cant open hotmail at all. I have had 6 years of hell with this computer and it has had everything done to it imaginable. the only other solution is to take it round the back and smash it up with a bloody big hammer. there is nothing that will make this thing run right at all. everything inside it has been changed and its still the same as before. it has a mind of its own. Imagine you have no programs running, you are sat eating your lunch at the other end of the house and suddenly it starts playing wierd music? with the modem disconnected at that. also strange is the fact that when i cant get into the server to open SN , yahoo messenger still runs "without a server"?
getting very tired of people telling me "it cant do that" one IT guy who used to come here became very afraid of it, he resigned his job and dissapeared! I have had all the usual stuff like norton, symantec anti everything programs ect. so please tell me how to get rid of this system registry thing and i will give it a try john.

John Rogers
23rd August 2006, 00:26
Billy you cant get rid of the system registry, that is the heart of the machine,but you can clean it and optimize it by buying the program previously mentioned. It is never a safe or sane thing to go inside and play with the registry if you don't know what you are doing. All I can say is remove the OS you are using,do a format of the HD,then install the OS again,do not install anything else for a couple of days then add one program at a time each day. Get rid of Norton it has screwed up many a machine. Get the PC to run in Safe Mode when you do the installing of your programs,sounds like you have a bad program running somewhere. When your all done install AVG virus,its free and one of the best you can use.
Billy you cant break the machine by trying to fix it yourself,five years ago I never used one,and I can tell you I had more blue screens than you could ever count, but I was stubborn and kept saying no piece of metal ****e is going to beat me and I pulled them apart,put them back together again,then I built one from the bottom up,my pitfall is I don't know how to program one or know DOS.

K urgess
23rd August 2006, 00:30
Can't really get you to pop it round for me to look at Billyboy.... (EEK)

Unfortunately the first response from anyone over here would be "buy a new one" (*))

The first thing to do is take everything out you don't need and see if it works bare bones. Then add each bit back as you go until it starts to go wrong.

If this doesn't work then decide whether you love it enough to spend money on it and start replacing the aforementioned bits. It's usually better to resort to the big hammer out back idea and buy a new one. Before the hammer bit though make sure you have everything off your hardrive that you need.

I've had this same yard brush for years. It's had 2 new heads and 3 handles but it ain't 'alf lasting well.

Mine is only 2 years old and decided to dump the hardrive just before Chrimbo. Maxtor hardrives poo. I say that because a week later my wife's machine (how did you think I manage to spend so much time on here without interruption) did the same thing with another Maxtor.

Coupla weeks ago hers stopped working altogether. I changed the power supply and the motherboard before I found that the CPU was nakkered.

I used to fix computers for a living but that was before today's throw away society where if it busts dump it and buy another one.

You've all probably heard this before...definition of an expert -
An "Ex" is something that has been.
And a spurt is a drip under pressure. (Night)

PS If it's software do what John says. Do NOT try to repair windows or put another copy on. It only uses elements of the original version to set up the new one. Format and start slowly again. Check in control panel that you have no conficts and that everything under the System icon is OK.

John - computer programming isn't difficult but is easier if you can set up a Lynux partition and use the free stuff on the net. Visual Basic is quite good for playing with but you won't find much Dos stuff about anymore.
I program Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) for part of my living and it's easy peasy (he says tongue in cheek with 25 years experience in the computer industry) (LOL)

John Rogers
23rd August 2006, 00:48
Billy I read your post over again and had a chuckle to myself when I read a portion of it,(the part where the guy ran away) now don't go and get a club and start chasing me,but have you thought about having it blessed by the local priest. Cruel B...... I am.

23rd August 2006, 04:35
haha, nice one john. have to admit to the possibility of a gremlin being in there though mate.
Two weeks ago I had it completely formated by an expert (one that dont drip under pressure) this man is brilliant. but unfortunatly he has returned to the states for 6 months. the system worked perfectly for a few days before playing up again.
That wierd music i told you about in no joke, we couldnt get it to stop, had to pull the plug out of the wall to shut it up (serious. even played it to my mate over a cell phone!) Sometimes when i am computerising school lesson plan work for my wife, it runs ok. Then, for no apparent reason it goes crazy, one click of the space bar sends the cursor halfway across the page. other times one click of the space bar and the curser goes the wrong way and eats the letters i have just typed. it actaly did this when they guy who ran away was here (true) he wont go near a computer now, think he had some kind of nervous breakdown.
Sometimes i can run for anything up to 5 days without a problem then suddenly it goes crazy again. next day all seems ok again??? Wierd or what?
Earlier this morning it was going crazy, now some six hours later it seems perfect !!
Bit like a woman really... it has its days you know.

23rd August 2006, 08:29
just managed to run CHKDSK with the aid of yahoo messenger and cell phone via Digby
it found some damaged files and repaired them. So, touch wood (my head) lets hope it's going to stay ok now. gratefull thanks to Digby.

K urgess
23rd August 2006, 10:03
Got the same problem with cursor shooting everywhere but mine's when using the mouse.
Wireless keyboard and mice can be a boon if you're short of desk space but unless your pc case is up to the latest standards they can interfere with everything.

Everytime I surf the net my speakers hiss at me 'cos the wifi aerial is too close to the cable to them.

Optical mice are great but they like nice plain mice mats (mouse mats?) I'll be typing away or clicking away and suddenly my pc will shut down or a program on the task bar will start up by itself. Usually 'cos the mouse has come across a different colour and shot off to do it's own thing. They also need cleaning almost as often as roller mice. A speck of dust does the same thing. The problem multiplies if it's a battery mouse and you ignore those little warning thingies 'cos you want to make the batteries last longer than they say they should. (*))

My keyboard hasn't got a warning light for batteries so this post is probably the result of that theory about an infinite number of monkeys and great British literature. :@

I hate PCs. Got out of computer engineering and sold my maintenance company before they became really popular. Dinosaur me used to enjoy changing chips. (*))

10th October 2006, 07:38
PC slowness may not be necessarily something untoward. Just a stack of crap retained in the shape of .tmp files etc each and everytime we go on the net.
If they are not purged they just build up to such an extent the pc cannot cope.
Once again another magic freebie... Cleanup.
Download and give it a whirl.

jim barnes
10th October 2006, 17:30
Billyboy i understand you are trying to be serious about your computer but it does I am afraid sounds similar to how my hard drive works(brain) it will suddenly command me to sing some times in the most inappropriate places my cursor goes crazy (speech) resulting in a loss of speech or a stammer just when you don't want it and at times i shut off unexpectedly usually while participating with the hard stuff, but overall things appear quite normal. what is normal as a matter of further interest(Hippy) (Jester)

10th October 2006, 18:59
I use XP and I disconnected the error reporting package along with a dozen other features you dont need,very simple to do.
I have a new laptop, running XP; and I am sick of the XP "features",
Please, How do I turn of these wretched bubbles reminding me that
my virus updates aren't updated and that here is no wi-fi available.
I have no intention, ever, of using the laptop online. Any other
advice on features "you don't need" would be welcome.
All Best, Raymond

John Rogers
10th October 2006, 21:53
Raymond, even thou its easy to do its hard to put it in writing,but I will get the steps down and PM you.

10th October 2006, 22:13
Thanks John - I have to say there are pointers to having a bug in the works, and that is the repeated dreaded blue screen of death, the reapeated unsuspected crash, the slow and almost stop-start operation of the pc, and the resistance to opening web pages properly. Every time I get any of these, I "lift the lid" and there the little blighter is. Wheedle it out and back to business again. I just can't get used to XP, I cannot work with it.
Best Wishes, Raymond

10th October 2006, 22:22
PC slowness may not be necessarily something untoward. Just a stack of crap retained in the shape of .tmp files etc each and everytime we go on the net..
I cannot agree more, twice a week, I clean out the system with ToniArts Easy Cleaner, Once a month I clean out with Ashampoo ( it takes 40 minutes - it gives a real deep clean with a bright shiny finish ), Once a month I check out the whole system with Adaware and Spybot S&D and AVG. Then I do a DeFrag. Then I use the Disc cleaner BC Wipe, which removes all the wasted end blocks of files and fills all unused spaces. The process takes an era, but, boy it's worth it. One thing to remember, don't operate a Registry cleaner more than the once in any one boot up session. Restart, if you want to check it through. Every six months or so, I go through the Registry with Regedit, and clear out anything else the software has not spotted. Not for the squeamish, I have to say. Best Wishes, Raymond

John Rogers
10th October 2006, 23:18
Raymond,I have found the list that I worked from to change my settings,its pretty long and I have it in email ready to send to you.

10th October 2006, 23:55
billy i think your on some form of med...
music lover

11th October 2006, 00:16
Seems like Billy has a keyboard buffer problem with it getting filled by spurious contacts from either the keyboard or the mouse. That will make a noise like that when it overfills. May be a bad conact somewhere or the debounce is too fast, or it is being over-read.

Thanks very much, John for your help with XP.

11th October 2006, 04:38
Billyboy..How ya doin?...I read in a tech forum a couple of months ago a punter having pretty much the same prob,s as you,as though the puter had a mind of its own,it transpired,that they had ''voice recognition''enabled,when it was disabled everything was tickity boo!!I see in another thread youv,e tried it out,might be an idea to have a look,er.indoors might be swearing at it in Tagalog,and the poor thing might only speaka da english,failing that,tip the keyboard upside down and shake out the fried rice,then check for little blue pills rolling around on the HD,good luck mate.


11th October 2006, 08:34
Thanks Wakaman. speach recognition is disabled on this one.
I run AVG anti virus now (free) and also ad aware (free)
I am running xp pro. i have regular daily updates for all three programs. plus I scan the "bug progs" daily as well. at the moment (fingers crossed) i am ok.
Only real problem i have is with my internet connection. 31kbps is no fun, but, its the only thing i can get due to my location. If i lived 3 miles down the road i could get wi-fi broadband or DSL at 768kbps. I have actualy run my cpu at digbys house 3 miles away and it is like greased lightning there as he has the DSL connection. I( have had many excuses from my isp's as to why i cant have it here. they even tried to tell me it was because i was on fiber optic system! (true that is). however they did say that if ever the local high school (100 meters away) had it then i could have it. Personaly i think they are just a bunch of lazy masterbators.

John Rogers
11th October 2006, 13:01
Billy,for DSL to run properly it cannot be beyond the range of the terminal box (1800 or 18000)thousand yards) so when they put it in the school you will be in range.