Ships' Names

27th August 2006, 08:34
Anyone out there know of an ONLINE resource for researching ships' names please?

I am doing some research and need to know which vessels are which - for example, there have been 5 HMS Triumphs, 15 HMS Eagles and I think the record is HMS Lion with 18.

Anyway I am hoping to be able to resolve queries about less famous names that might only have been given to 1,2 or 3 ships.

Wikipedia has quite a few entries, but I wonder if there is a more definitive source - any pointers gratefully received.


27th August 2006, 08:39

For the RN Ships just do a Google Search with HMS Eagles for instance and a host of web sites come up with all the info you require

non descript
27th August 2006, 09:09

These three links may help you:

Good luck

27th August 2006, 10:30
The wikipedia site is well worth a browse; scroll down to find a alphabetical list.

Rather you than me????????????


28th August 2006, 12:29
Thanks very much gents, they are all good sites. Wiki has some great info that is really accessible, but it's not 100% error free - or am I too much of an anorak!

I have bought myself a "Colledge" on Amazon - it's the RN equivalent of 'Wisden', so should be of value.

Thanks again for your help


27th September 2006, 14:30
Hi Jim
Try this site:
This site however deals with the current names in use in the Royal Navy, but does show how many there were.
There are bound to be other sites, a quick search in google may help in finding them.

29th December 2009, 06:16
For RN ships, Google in 'Names of Royal Navy ships'.
For USN ships, Google in 'DANFS' or 'Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships'
www.hazegray may also be of some use.
Hope this helps. Sorry, not familiar with access to other foreign navies so can't help in that category.