B.I. "B" class motor ships

30th August 2006, 20:48
Can anyone please confirm final fate of Bamora and Bombala, still reported in Chinese ownership in 1994

31st August 2006, 10:59
Bamora still in service in China as Yang Zi Jiang 3

Bombala has been scrapped but will need more research to find out where and when

31st August 2006, 15:55
Yes I have found Bamora still listed as the Yang Zi Jiang No3, her IMO number is 5035452. Still Chinese.

Bombala had a lot of name changes 1971 to Sudan shipping as Shendi.
1980 Supachai Bulakul then Zhen Zhu Quan. Changed owners in 86 and kept the same name. 1989 became Su Chang. There is still a ship called Su Cheng
IMO 7120433 but her tonnage is 7500 and year of build 1971. That ties with when Bombala was disposed of. So cant guarantee that this is the same ship. Tonnage could have increased due to conversions etc.
That remind me that I spent some hours aboard Bombala in Kidderpor docks back in the 60's. Very civilised with the bar etc.

7th September 2006, 09:39
Thanks lads.