S.evans Shipbreakers Runcorn

31st August 2006, 12:24
I am trying to obtain a list of the ships which Sam Evans Shipbreakers who
has a yard at Garston on the Mersey and facilities at Runcorn.
He has broken up mostly tugs,dredgers and the occasional coasters and
Would be grateful if any of the membners can help me with this project.

Best Regards
Keith Seville

31st August 2006, 12:42
Not sure if this is on any help but there was an 1882 built tug called the 'Merrimac'. It was sold firstly to King's of Bristol then in 1890 was sold to R & W Paul of Ipswich. In 1955 its remains were incorporated into a dock wall at Widnes. Just wondering if the firm you mention may have had any involvement as I assume the engines would have been removed and that it was just the empty hull that was used.