Empire Halladale

5th September 2006, 10:07
I was at sea for years, but I always remember my father telling me about his favourite ship, the Empire Halladale. I know she was a troopship and was formerly a KdF liner, but that's about all.

Does anyone remember her or have any more info?

fred henderson
5th September 2006, 10:52
There is a photograph in the Gallery. Go to: -



5th September 2006, 10:56
Type: Troop ship Empire Halladale In Yahoo search. All the Info you need.

5th September 2006, 15:44
SS Empire Halladale 14056 tons Built 1921 by Akt Ges. "Vulcan" Hamburg.
499.5 x 64.0 x 38.7. T6cy 26 x 43 x 71 x 51 and 2 low pressure turbines.Engines built by Vulcan Werke AG Hamburg. Twin screw. DF,GyC, Radar. Cruiser stern.
Ex Antonio Delfino 1946, Ex Sierra Nevada 1934, Ex Antonio Delfino 1932.
British flag. Registered London. Owned By Ministry of Transport and managed by Anchor Line Ltd. Fitted for oil fuel = oil burner.

fred henderson
5th September 2006, 16:31
Type: Troop ship Empire Halladale In Yahoo search. All the Info you need.

I tried to follow your advice on Yahoo Barney and failed. After some experimentation I found that "Empire+Halladale" worked. The words "Troop ship" seemed to confuse the search engine.

Fred (Thumb)

5th September 2006, 17:21
Hi, Fred. Sorry Yahoo did not work for you. I just Typed, Troop ship Empire Halladale In yahoo and it came on. Dont know why it did'nt work for you. Never mind you got it.All the best. Barney.

6th September 2006, 08:58
Thanks guys for all your help. I think she was a coal burner, if I remember my dad's stories correctly! Big difference from when I went to sea as a grease monkley!

James MacDonald
15th September 2006, 22:55
My Dad sailed on the Empire Halladale as A/B Glasgow 12/08/46 to 12/10/46

15th September 2006, 23:38
Hi Celsis
There is a photo of the Empire Halladale for sale on E Bay atthe moment.

Big Chris
26th February 2009, 12:08
Empire Halladale was decommisioned I believe in 1955, and she was laid up in the Holy Loch in Scotland prior to being broken up in Glasgow in 1956 (Faslane on the Gare Loch I would think). During the winter of 1955/56 she broke loose from her moorings in the Holy Loch and ended up on the rocks off Strone. I have uploaded a photo of her taken by my Brownie Flash 20 camera at the time

tom roberts
26th February 2009, 20:16
I sailed on the Empire Halladale 20.7.55 as j.o.s, on next trip made s.o.s, took troops out to Mombasa,first trip and brought troops home from Cyprus, second trip,the way I saw troops treated and accomodated on board convinced me never to get myself struck of the pool and into national service our accomodation was vile but theirs down the holds was foul the troop deck sargent major I remember and the red caps were right b******s to the troops ,I had a spell in the sickbay with heat exaustion and when the officer made his daily round he wanted to know why I was not lying to attention like the troops this is not a Tom Pepper yarn believe me. Took the ship to Glasgow to be laid up prior to scrapping,didnt know she had broke loose and run aground,the other tale about her was that during the war she was a floating brothel for the German troops oh and the dockers in Birkenhead stole all my gear in Bidston dock the s****s robbing a poor young lad.

Eddie Wallace
27th February 2009, 14:30
I sailed on the Empire Halladale as AB May 1955.
i remember having to hold an RAF bloke down on the operation table while the nursing sister stiched a wound on his fore head.