London Electronics College/ BST

5th September 2006, 19:02
Any past inmates of this august institution out there? There must be some who still remember Penywern Road and still have their sanity intact? I'm thinking 1976-1978/9 or therabouts or indeed anyone who can confirm that the place wasn't a figment of my imagination....?

Martin (POP)

6th September 2006, 10:34
Hi Martin,

Nope - it wasn't a figment of your imagination. I was there from 1969 to 1971 and left with 2nd Class PMG and many fond memories.

I remember Dave Evans, of course, the Principal - his Dad was still knocking about downstairs at that time and used to come up once a week to take the D/F class. We had a nickname for Dave which was "Roscoe" - ie he was the Emperor! Anyone who listened to pirate radio at the time will know where I'm coming from.

Other names I remember from my era - Tomo - one of the lecturers, Students - Geoff Streames (where are you now mate?), John Worman, Peter Game (Cyprus), Taff, Paddy, Leon, Robin Daz, Barbara Keating, Jim Barrie, Dick Poinder, Doug Hotchkiss (left for career on deck) and Pete Wilson-Smith - thats about all my memory can handle at the moment.

Was that restaurant - Spanish Pot - still open across the road?

Actually I can truly say that I completed the circle - I learnt morse there all those years ago, travelled the word and my last job in the world of communications was just down the road near the exhibition hall.

I visited the place about 10 years ago and it's still there - the front door still sounds the same when it slams shut behind you.

Very fond memories.


3rd October 2006, 17:26
Hi there

Just read the forum messages and decided to post mine.

Was also at BST/LEC same time as Steve Chalkley and yes we had a whale of a time there. I can remember the old 19th century desks in the classroom and the in the morse room we had that old switchboard and tape machine to connect the desks. One other old lad to remember (unfortunatly postumously is Dick Skinner who was a good friend and colleague. He died of cancer some years back after serving many years with BP.

I will monitor the sight and see who else pops up

john (ex RO IMR)

18th October 2012, 18:33
I started at the LEC in September 1974 and left with MRGC and Radar Maintenance certificate. Joined P&O Cruises as a trainee R/O. I remember fellow students at the time as Alan Mackenzie, Alan Watson, Kim Thompson, Tony Gibson, Kevin Lamb, John Wood, Eric Shepherd, Steve Marshall, Steve Dunn, and a couple more I can't remember Paul? Tony? Dave Evans was in charge and Roger Pragnell was our main lecturer. Most of these guys seem to have gone completely off the radar so would be interested to hear where they ended up. Attached is a photo of us all standing on the steps of the LEC in Penywern Road in 1975.

Tony Clarke ex R/O with P&O, then BT Coast Stations, then back to sea as R/O with Marconi Offshore, OOCL and some freelance work.

7th April 2014, 04:19
Wow! I thought I was still young - you guys have made me feel very, very old. I started at Penywern Rd when it was called "The London Telegraph Training College" or L.T.T.C, I commenced on 6th June 1944 (D-Day)on my 16th birthday, for the Special PMG cert - The permanent 1st and 2nd class PMG certs had been cancelled during wartime.

First ship to sea was the D.E.M.S "Clan Chisholm" as 3rd R/O. The war finished with Japan during the voyage homeward bound. We were ordered to dump all the ship's ammunition - we had a few hours practice at firing 4.7 shells and Bofor machine guns at imaginary targets!

Thanks for bringing back the memories . . .

23rd February 2015, 16:43
Thanks Ystradgynlais. You've made me feel even younger!!
Was at BST 1962/1963 for PMG 2.
Went to sea on the RMS Aragon as 3rd R/O then a whole bunch of ships with Siemens Bros/AEI/Marconi/IMR and it's various other names.
As I only left the sea about 18 months ago (sailing as Mate) and ticket says valid if more than 3 months at sea in previous 2 years, presume my ticket still valid. Though it wouldn't do me much good now.
While at BST resided at Civil Service hostel across the road and remember going to Dave's party for his first daughter held in the equipment room.
Anyone know where Dave ended up?