4th October 2004, 20:38
Two sad shots of this 1938 Cammell Laird built liner in December 1965 a few weeks after she arrived at Inverkeithing for scrap.Her illustrious 1907 predecessor was also broken up on the Forth at Rosyth.

Bob S
6th October 2004, 18:07
Remember seeing her on a family holiday on the Isle of Wight (long before I started taking photographs unfortunately) looming from behind the trees at Cowes whilst we were waiting for the Queen Mary to sail from Southampton. My dad took a picture of QM, I'll have to look through the old family photographs to see if he also took one of the Maruetania.
We had a good laugh at other peoples expence after the QM had passed, watching the bow wave run along the sea wall and at least one couple didn't see it coming... brilliant.

6th March 2005, 05:27
troop ship during world war 2