P&O Retired Staff

9th September 2006, 12:28
This is a longshot to all you P&0 retired staff. Do you recall a guy called Chris Goodall who retired in the mid 1960's. I believe he was a purser and had been at sea all his life. He lived in South London and sailed to/from Tilbury. He may have been on Stratheden and Chusan among many others. If you have any information which might help 'fit his picture' I'd appreciate it.

10th September 2006, 21:19
Knew a Frank Goodall.He was my C/E on Palana & then became C/E Himalaya.Met up with him here in Wellington often.He retired to Sydney mid 60's. Kiwi

Peter Miller
1st April 2007, 02:20
Any one out there sail on P & O ship Ballarat

1st April 2007, 15:34
Greetings Peter and welcome to SN. Enjoy the site and all it has to offer. Sailed as an engineer with P&O but only on passenger ships. Bon voyage.

1st April 2007, 21:40
For those interested, there is a P&O reunion aboard Oceana in September this year for a 2 day cruise. I for one hope to meet up with old crew mates who may in turn know where others are. David

11th August 2013, 20:35
Anyone remember John Noakes? He was my father and served at officer level on at least the below ships in the late 1960's. Would love to here from anyone who knew him and have lads of cool photos to share from his time at P&O.

Strathardle, Strahbrora, Oriana, SS Singapore, Mantua