US Navy Recruiting Video

10th September 2006, 00:08
The RAN does sneak in too!

Enjoy this US Navy recruiting video, and the foot tapping beat.

John Rogers
10th September 2006, 00:35
Where do I sign up???do they need any of the over the hill gang.

10th September 2006, 00:41
some awsome shots
who said carriers dont do high speed turns
dont think we will need to repy to job offer

10th September 2006, 05:35
Like the photo of the 3 subs parked in ice which I assume is in the Artic.

Those chaps standing on the rear door of the plane looking down on the fighter aircraft below. I think one has a safety line not sure about the other. Not my kind of thrills.

But some good photography.

10th September 2006, 20:17
Too bad they torpedoed a Leander - did no one tell them we're on their side? :@

5th April 2007, 01:52
Did you notice the P-3 Orion in there!! It lasted about 2 seconds, at least we got in there!!! Wooohoooo. That picture of the P-3 is OLD and infamous. I would have gotten another picture besides a guy loading sonobuoys into the belly though... not all that exciting. The old Orion is getting long in the tooth, and will be replaced the a modified 737 with bombay doors and hardpoints on the wings. Pretty cool for the next generation sub hunters, and a straight ticket to the airlines afterwards.

Nice series of pictures.

--SR (Pint)

Brian Twyman
6th April 2007, 12:36
Thoroughly enjoyed the video, the USN certainly has the ships and the gear !!

(I thought the RAN sank their frigate ( HMAS Yarra ?), not the USN ?)