Thurso lifeboat launched

wully farquhar
10th September 2006, 14:54
Thurso lifeboat The Taylors was launched today at 11.33Hrs to go to the assistance of the sea angling boat Karen when she put a mayday out reporting a fire in the engine room.By the time the lifeboat got to the casualty the fire had been extinguished.All twelve anglers aboard were transferred to the lifeboat and the Karen was towed safely back to Scrabster harbour,job well done. (Thumb)

10th September 2006, 19:43
Our NEW BRIGHTON ( Wirral ) Lifeboat, Atlantic 75 ILB ' Rocklight ' launched three times this morning. Two occassions to people trapped by the incoming tide and once to a broken down motorcraft with one adult and two children on board.

The second occassion to people trapped in the water, the lifeboat crew rescued a 14 year old girl who was in immenent danger of drowing. On arrival at the scene they got her aboard and had to immediately give her oxygen. They transported her to New Brighton where an ambulance met the boat and rushed the girl to hospital. We are all hoping she will be OK.

We were just washing down after returning to the Station when the 3rd call came.

We seem to have a lot of visitors today to witness the high tide, but thankfully the winds were light and the weather perfect, had it been blowing then I think we would have been alot busier.


10th September 2006, 21:01

That's pretty amazing....not to say horrifying.!!

My mate had the dubious pleasure of being the first call out for the new Teignmouth lifeboat a few weekends back. He'd had an 18ft cruiser for 3 years which he and a couple of mates went fishing in the river on, or in extremely placid conditions, over the bar and 1/2 a mile out to sea. The boat was fully radio equipped, flares, lifejackets (new ones for the kids) etc. 2 of the 3 had even taken navigation courses. He had had promised his Mrs and 3 young girls a trip out on the boat, and so they went into Teignmouth Bay. On the way back the engine packed in and so they called Brixham Coastguard for assistance. The ladies were transferred (much to their enjoyment) to the new Atlantic 85 lifeboat - the "Two Annes" whilst they towed the stricken vessel in.

Point is - these people were readily equipped to deal with any see some of the d*ckheads who have yachts on the Teign and sail them for 2 weeks a year...and you wonder.....sure that's the same all over the country.

Thanks to all the volunteers for putting their lives at risk, sometimes for people who should never go near water.


wee bobby
10th September 2006, 22:09
well Done To All Lifeboat-crews

11th September 2006, 10:23


11th September 2006, 21:56
Thanks everyone, Lifeboat crews are special people, very special. We are hoping for an 85 in 2008, fingers crossed, but we love our boat very much and our Hovercraft.