Million dollar Question

john g
13th September 2006, 20:38
Mahout or Markhor on the site opening page ?...and a big thanks to whoever picked a Brocklebank vessel...

13th September 2006, 20:42
I knicked it from the gallery,(A) I have no idea what it's called, to me she just looked like a ship should?

Glad you like the choice(Thumb)

Tony Selman
14th September 2006, 18:48
Just got the magnifying glass on the name on the bows and it looks like 7 letters so my guess is Markhor. Will see if I can find the original photo in the gallery.

Tony Selman
14th September 2006, 18:51
It is Markhor. The photo was posted by one of our Brock's stalwarts Stuart Smith. Great to see a Brock's ship at the page masthead so to speak. Pity about the United States alongside but you can't have everything!

michael james
14th September 2006, 20:18

Great choice, fine vessel. Lovely to see on opening up sn.(Applause)

Stuart Smith
15th September 2006, 20:16
Thanks for using Markhor on title page. Chuffed me up it has.

15th September 2006, 21:33
Made my day!!