Motor vessels Bulimba etc

16th September 2006, 19:42
Can anyone please confirm the deck colour of these ships, as far as I can remember all BI ships had black decks.

Paul Braxton
5th October 2006, 11:10
Hi, JA. Seem to remember your name as being 2/0 on one of the two BI boats I sailed on: "Sirsa" or "Chinkoa"? Or maybe it was remembered from a crew list on another ship. I was R/O on both ships; the former in about '72 when we took her to scrap in HK after a trip to Shanghai.

John Briggs
5th October 2006, 11:14

From memory and it is not too good. I think they were black except for the poop and boat deck which were green. Not altogether sure!