S S Inishtra Hull (or Lull)

19th September 2006, 09:05
Auckland August 1936.Capt Cuppin.My father was an A B on this ship. Any info on this ship or John Quinn A B. Born Belfast 1 2 1914. Would be appreiciated.

Hugh MacLean
19th September 2006, 17:18
Hello John,

The only vessel I can find is ss Inistrahull. Built 1935. 900 ton coaster.
Kelly Ltd, John. Belfast. Engines Aft, two masts.

Hope that is the right one.


19th September 2006, 17:40
Hi Johnboystar, Hugh. Found this. SS Inistrahull. Built Aberdeen 1935.
Scrapped 1962.
Second Engineer, Neal Mitchell 13th March 1941 received the George Medal. Master, Robert Gibson, comended in London Gazette for brave conduct,9/7/41.
Rgds Barney.