Atlantic Conveyor

11th October 2004, 10:21
Tragically lost in the Falklands campaign in 1982.This was taken in 1970 when she and her sisters called regularly at the then fairly new Greenock Container Terminal on a US service.

11th October 2004, 13:57
This tragically end of ATLANTIC CONVEYOR that was struck by two air launched Exocet missiles fired for a distance of 28 mile by two Super Etendard
planes on may 25,1982 when she was some miles N. E.of the Falklands.
Captain Ian North and five of his crew and three servicemen died as a result
of the missiles striking their vessels which immediately caught fire.the surviving,170 or so crew members and service personnel abandoned the blazing ship,with subsequtly sank on may 28.

11th October 2004, 16:37
Indeed-she was barely recognisable as ATLANTIC CONVEYOR.The destructive force of the Exocet made a lot of British defence experts take notice.

21st June 2006, 07:51

Found this one in the "famous" old shoebox, the Atlantic Conveyor 1970