Default mail client

Tom Morton
28th September 2006, 13:01
Unable to e mail a 'link' and get error message saying 'Default mail client not properly installed'.
Running Firefox and Outlook Express. When I go to control panel---internet options---programs, E mail is blank and there is nothing at all in the drop down menu, in fact there is nothing in any of the drop down menus !

Help please

28th September 2006, 13:19

Can you provide some more information at "idiot level" please and I am sure that one of us will be able to help you.

First of all can you say exactly what you are trying to do, where you are trying to do it from, and whether you have ever successfully done whatever it is before - in which case when was it last OK.

Then think about whether any changes have been made to your computer - software installed, removed, options changed etc. And also what version of Windows and your browser and email program are you using.



Tom Morton
28th September 2006, 13:30
I am trying to send a 'link' by e mail, from the file menu on Firefox-----a link being a web address? Have been able to do this previously and have not recently installed or uninstalled any programs----at least not intentionally

28th September 2006, 14:58
OK Tom,

Thanks for the clarification.

I am sorry but I am not a Firefox user but I know there are a number of other members who are into this product and I am sure they will get back to you with some advice. If you were talking Outlook I could have helped you.



K urgess
28th September 2006, 15:39
Open outlook and check that it's set as the default mail client.
When you click on firefox's file menu and send link it should open up a window with a blank email form in the default mail client.
Unfortunately my system has Mozilla Thunderbird installed which comes with Firefox.
If you've just had an automatic upgrade from Firefox it may have reset the default mail client.


John Rogers
28th September 2006, 16:09
If all else fails try the restore to a prior date.

1st October 2006, 07:23
Assuming Windows XP, to organise defaults go to...

All programs

top left menu... "Set program defaults" for browser, email and media player.