Welcome to another Brocklebank Captain

Tony Selman
1st October 2006, 15:35
Have you noticed that we have had a couple of posts from Tony Sprigings? Good to welcome another Captain to our forum. I did not ever sail with Tony but I have read his book (probably because I published it!!) and a good nostalgic read it was too.

Derek Roger
1st October 2006, 16:08
What book is that Tony ??

Tony Sprigings
1st October 2006, 16:20
Tony, Thank you for the welcome. It is nice to find so many 'old hands' amongst you all.

Tony Selman
1st October 2006, 16:26
Apologies for the repetition of the post welcoming Tony, I now see there is another one.

The book was called "Beyond the Mersey" and was Tony's narrative of his time at sea and subsequently his time as a Superintendent and other positions ashore. My business published it on his behalf about a year ago. It was advertised in QSO which is the Radio Officers' Association quarterly newsletter and quite a few copies were sold. I am not aware of how many, if any, copies are left or whether Tony has any plans to distribute any, or even publish, more.

I believe it was intended for members of his family as a record of his seagoing career and I will leave it to him if he wants more copies published or just leave things as they are.

Marcus Cardew
16th December 2006, 14:11
Tony, Thank you for the welcome. It is nice to find so many 'old hands' amongst you all.
Hi Tony,
Welcome to this crazy place...
Seeing that you were with C.A.M.E.L. , do you have any contact with Bob Winlo or Alistair McVean? .. Last time I dropped into the Hammersmith office to see them ('82-'83) was when I was doing stuff with British Underwater Engineers (BUE on the next deck up!)..