Is this Magdapur outward bound in the Thames?

Tony Selman
1st October 2006, 16:35
I have at long last found a box of slides that had gone missing and has been driving me mad for several months since I found this site because I wanted to post some of the pictures.

This is the only one where I am not certain of the subject. It is obviously outward bound in the Thames and was taken from Matra, which was inward bound from Rotterdam, in 1964. I am almost certain it is Magdapur but the grey cells may be letting me down and we need one of the many ship recognition experts on here to confirm it.

Even though I took it myself I must say I like the shot and find it very nostalgic after all these years to see a Brock's ship in good condition, well maintained and fully loaded.

Jim S
1st October 2006, 17:05
I think she looks more like Mahronda than Magdapur. Magdapur had two Sampson posts immediately in front of the bridge (as did Manipur). Maidan and Mahronda were similar but Maidan had a pair of "windows" on bridge deck fashion plate whereas Mahronda did not. Also bridge front looks more "rounded" than Maggie.
I tried to blow your picture up to verify but for some reason could not.
Nice picture

Jim S

Geoff Bray
1st October 2006, 17:30
Definately not Magdapur, I have a clear picture of Mag here ,she has two more square windows on the white side section forward and below the boat deck
Best Regards
Geoff Bray

Tony Sprigings
1st October 2006, 18:41
Having checked my files I am sure it was the Mahronda because she had a heavy derrick at the after mast as well as the foremast.

Don A.Macleod
1st October 2006, 20:29
I'll go for Mahronda Tony, as already mentioned she was more rounded at the front. Also Magdapur and Manipur had derrick posts at the bridge front.
Talking of the latter, anyone out there who was on the last voyage of the Manipur?


1st October 2006, 20:49

In the 'Ships in Focus' book on Anchor and Brocklebank Lines the Mahronda is shown with the heavy derrick on the mainmast as mentioned by Tony Sprigings. However, I took a slide of Mahronda in Malta about 1958 (economiser repairs) and it shows that she definitely did not have that heavy derrick then, unless it was lowered. Could it have been added between then and 1964? Otherwise, everything seems to point to the Mahronda.

As a matter of interest, how did you transfer the image to your computer? I have been trying to scan slides with a lighthood and experimenting with all permutations of size, resolution, etc. I posted two of the Maskeliya last night in the cargo ship section but am not happy with the resolution and will have to let Jessops transfer my collection to CD I think. Your picture is nice and sharp and, if you did scan it, could you give us any advice?

For those interested in model ships I recently posted pictures of Mahseer and the Blue Funnel Eumaeus which I built in the 1990s. Regards Peter Bryant

2nd October 2006, 09:17

If you scan your slide at a much higher resolution, say 1024x 768, and play around a little in photoshop, the name may well become visible.


Tony Selman
2nd October 2006, 17:57
Looks like Mahronda it is then. Donald, you were on Matra with me at the time although you probably weren't on deck at the time and like me you probably can't remember that far back anyway! Thinking about it I very vaguely recall we passed Magdapur in the Bitter Lakes on that trip when they were northbound and we were southbound.

I am typing this in the office so I will have a go with a high res scan at home and see if that works and let you know.

Peter, I will check my settings at home and then post a quick resume on here although I do not think my skills come into the scanner extraordinaire category.

Tony Selman
2nd October 2006, 20:41
Problem resolved thanks to ThamesPhil. It is definitely Mahronda. As always the level of knowledge on ship identification is first class, so well done to all the experts.

I re-scanned the photo and took the resolution up to 4800 dpi and could reasonably easily read the name, when I zoomed in a couple of notches it was crystal clear. I do not know why I did not think of this in the first place but there is always someone on this board who will come up with a helpful idea.

For Peter/Mahseer1: I have an Epson 4490 scanner which I bought about 6 months ago and have found very good. It has the ability to go up to high res as described above, and will in fact go even higher but the file size is enormous, but for everyday use I use it on the Full Auto Mode which I find is the best after a bit of experimentation. This scans at 300 dpi which gives pretty good reproduction (but as we have seen will not allow us to read ship's names unless close to) and retains the original sharpness and colour reproduction. I also fiddle around with dust and scratch removal but that has variable results. To actually produce a picture on the internet you only need to scan at 72 dpi but I actually use the higher resolution and then play around with the settings in Adobe Photoshop Elements, which came with the scanner. This allows you to adjust the picture to the size limits imposed by this board, ie 800 x 600 pixels. I use the higher initial resolution because I sometimes print out some of the photos I have scanned. There may be other methods of doing it but I find this works for and the photos reproduce well when uploaded.