Brocklebank Line thread: 101 posts not out

Tony Selman
2nd October 2006, 18:11
A very good effort and quite some way ahead of any other individual line. With Markhor at the top of the opening page as well, all the old Brock's men are putting plenty of time and effort into the board. (Applause)

2nd October 2006, 18:55
Tony,I agree!!! and I bet there's lots more to come.keep up the great work.


4th October 2006, 19:20
Still amazed, but not surprised given the affection held by former staff, at the popularity of the Brocklebank site, they even launched most their ships at Hamiltons in Port Glasgow without ceremony.
Some of the other shipping companies seemed to be always in the news and journals etc. such as Holt, Clan BI etc.
But in the end good old Brocklebank has seen all of them off!

john g
4th October 2006, 19:48
Your quite right Brocks always seemed in the background just quietly getting on with things there was communication and understanding from the office the ships by some standards were dated to say the least but maybe it was the sense of humour from the Scotts and Scouse who kept it alive......