5th October 2006, 23:37
Hi all!!
I'm searching for informations of the kerwood..built as budapest in 1911..
As anyone here got pictures of her? or other info?

6th October 2006, 03:57
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6th October 2006, 04:14
Hi all!!
I'm searching for informations of the kerwood..built as budapest in 1911..
As anyone here got pictures of her? or other info?

Please find

1/12 1919 Steamship Kerwood gross 3,651 tons; sunk by mine in Irish Sea; no casualties.

6th October 2006, 04:48

Some more information which you may not have found before;

"01.12.1919: enroute from New York to Hamburg mined and sank at position 53.32N-04.41E." - Not the Irish Sea

and here;

Interesting that the second url says, "Struck a mine 12 December 1991 and sank 20 miles north of Terschelling Island, in the Frisian Islands on the northern coast of Holland." - I assume that 1991 should read 1919 (?HUH)

6th October 2006, 18:13

The Kerwood, an american steamer, built in 1911 as Budapest by Richard, Duck & Co., Stockton-on-Tees, England. Struck on a mine on dec 1 1919.

The position on the first URL is wrong, the ship is laying near Terschelling, I dived this year on this ship, I'm also looking for additional information.

Allready I have found a news article from a american newspaper. with some information about the ship. I quote : The Washinton post friday, dec, 5, 1919

Victims on Kerwood, Blow Up by Mine, Land in Germany

Berlin, Dec. 4 - The crew of the American freight steamer Kerwood, wich struck a mine off Terschelling in the North Sea, while on a voyage from New York to Hamburg, has been rescued by a German fishing boat, and taken to Emden, it was announced here today. The Spanish consul at Hamburg has arranged for the return of the crew to the United States.
New York, Dec 4 - The American steamship Kerwood, from New York to Hamburg previously reported as having struck a mine in the North Sea on December 1. was "blown up and sunk," according to a cable received here today by the American Ship and Commerce Navigation Company. The crew was rescued and landed at Leer, Germany.
Her cargo consisted to a large extend of foodstuffs and supplies sent by Americans to relatives in Germany. The steamer, registering 3,651 tons, was formerly under the Austrian flag.

Also I found out that the Captain of the Kerwood was named Abernuthy.

In the news article they speak about Foodstuffs and Supplies, this ship had also as Cargo approximately 300 ton copper and 650 tons of lead, I can't find this information on the internet but I know it was on that ship, probably they only speak about the stuff relatives send because it's a late War victom. Like propaganda.

I'm looking for books/pictures about this ship, and maybe there is a Yard book brought out with some information about the BUDAPEST.
Is this yard still running? or maybe someone know's where the archive of this ship yard is, Maybe they have the drawings from this ship.

any other information is also welcome.

6th October 2006, 19:46
A warm welcome to SN and thank you for your valuable update. I'm sure Scirocco will be delighted with your response and hopefully, someone will have an idea where to trace an image of BUDAPEST/KERWOOD for your research. (Thumb)

6th October 2006, 22:54

with other WWI acquired vessels

Picture of Kerwood off Thumbnail page

Click on the larger picture and you will get the full size version.

12th October 2006, 21:30
Thanks folks for the info and picture!!
Other info and pictures about the Budapest/Kerwood are always welcome!!