Speech In Word

7th October 2006, 08:20
Caracoles mon amigos.
I have just started, for a bit of fun, using Speech in Word. However, it is quite addictive. any of you stalwarts use it, if so, do you find it useful ?

Off to paint my railings this morning!


" Nessum dorma "

8th October 2006, 06:03
Hi Fred,

I have played around with speech recognition software on and off over many years and always end up giving up on it. What really pisses me off is that when I speak into the microphone it misunderstands half the words, but when my wife (who is almost completely computer-illiterate) does it the damn thing gets it over 95% right.

As I can touch type I find it takes longer to correct mistakes after dicating than it takes me to type it in in the first place.

I think the greatest use would be for disabled people who struggle to use a keyboard - or possibly people with poor sight.

I also played with speech synthesis when I had nothing better to do. My greatest acheivement (if that is the right word) was to produce a verion of the song "Barbie Girl" by Aqua which sounded pretty hilarious when you had downed a few pints.


8th October 2006, 07:33
Holey Moley Benjidog, I dinnae ken how ye canny git guid results fae yer speech recognition machine. youse must hae went tae a skill wi nae electrocution lessins.
Seriously, I do understand, I have only just started using " speech " in Word
so, it can be a bit of a pest at times when it doesn't understand what one says and the keyboard has to be used to correct the error.
thanks for the input.


" Speech!, Speech! "

9th October 2006, 03:28

It would be interesting to know how the software would cope with the voices of Janet Street-Porter, Rab C Nesbitt, Ian Paisley, Dubya Bush, Donald Duck and the cast of Eastenders to name a few. ;)


9th October 2006, 04:23
Itried it once. got it all set up and it wasnt working too bad, so, i left it for the wife to see, by that time there was all sorts of noises going on outside and tyoed some real wierd crap out. we had a good laugh over it.
Nah! for me i will stick to the keyboard unless i get a soundproof room.