Khodadad Vananca. ex Savudrija

8th October 2006, 16:38
I would be interested to learn of the fate of the 'Khodadad Vananca', ex 'Savudrija', a member of a small fleet of coastal cargo vessels that traded around the Persian Gulf for Andranik Carapetians' 'Vananca Line'.
A trim but rather basic little vessel. When I sailed in her in mid 1967, she had recently been aquired from Yugoslavia, the young delivery Ch.Eng. Anton Vidas remained aboard for some time until the new engineers were completely familiar with everything mechanical on board, Anton was the only other European on board. Apart from a small D/F. there were no electronic aids to navigation on the vessel and steering was direct. We had a large ice box on the poop deck instead of a fridge and a large 2 metre high porous earthenware cone shaped receptical for drinking water mounted on a frame on the poop under the awnings, this primitive but effective method of refrigeration worked a treat.
The 'Khodadad Vananca' disappeared from Lloyds Register 1989-90, was she scrapped? The older 'Nakhoda Vananca' disappeared from the register 1992-3 but was unclassed from 1970. The 'Shirdel Vananca' and 'Darvish Vananca' were still in Lloyds Register in 1994-5 and classed, can anyone shed any light on the fate of these last two vessels that I had a long association with over the years? How did they fare through the Iran Iraq war etc.?
I met Andranik in London in the very early 1970s, he was in Europe on a vessel buying expedition, we stayed in contact very briefly, then nothing, does anyone know what happened to Andranik, the company and of course the four vessels?
Does anyone know where i might lay my hands on a photo of the 'Khodadad', or the 'Savudrija', unlikely I know, but worth a try.