Please help to identify this ship's Lifeboat

10th October 2006, 20:51
Hi there,

I am looking for the manufacturer details of this particular ship's lifeboat.
I would truly appreciate if you could help me, please check my site for some photos:

Employees / staff of "MSC cruises" or crew members of are more then welcome to reply, since this lifeboat is currently being used on the MS Rhapsody.

Best regards,
Carlos Alberto
The Netherlands

10th October 2006, 22:29
Are there no marks or panels on the boat?
Any indents or impressions?
Was there any paperwork with it?
Who was it bought/acquired from?
What about dimensions, this may well give someone a better idea for you.
Tough question!!
Best of Luck, Raymond

12th October 2006, 23:24
Hi Raymond,

Unfortunately, I have not yet been able to verify if the lifeboats on
the MS Rhapsody have any identification / manufacturer plate inside.
Perhaps that I need to make a cruise with the MS Rhapsody, to get the chance to find out.

I have only seen this lifeboat from the quay. I am not sure if there are
any other companies left out there, still using this particular open lifeboat.