Cunard pictures and more.

15th October 2006, 00:29
Hi All, I just found this magnifisent site. There is just about every ship that Cunard had, also ships they charted, and ships they managed for other companys.

Go to Yahoo search and type:- Cunard White star Ltd samholt.

Go to number 2. Cunard Info, Click Translate, and you are in. (Thumb)

Click Information button on left for all the pictures.

Also try clicking the small funnels on the picture.

This dos'nt seem to work on google. (MAD)
All the best.

10th January 2007, 17:50
I tried the the above on yahoo and no combation of words or phrases works

10th January 2007, 19:24
Jim, It works . Yahoo. cunard white star ltd samholt
click, cunard info translate
click. i on eft of pic, or red funnels on pic

10th January 2007, 20:48
Just looked myself, here you go:

3rd February 2007, 16:32
Dan:Ok it works ok.Marveloius site.Thanks fellas!!!(Thumb)

15th March 2007, 16:35
Just looked myself, here you go:

A case of beer to that man!!! Superb link Sir!!! (==D)

16th March 2007, 21:28
A case of beer to that man!!! Superb link Sir!!! (==D)

Beer? Eeeew I don't like beer... (==D)
(Ducks and runs for the nearest shelter.....)