16th October 2006, 01:30
Ihave windows XP pro, every three or four days i go to windows update, i always select "custom" and then only critical up dates. yesterday it suggested i download two high security updates. one would have been almost 8 hor download (cancelled that one) it was for SP3...for windows XP??? dont think there is one for that!. however. i turned the computer off for my afternoon nap (being polite here)
when we came down stairs i tried to boot it back up, but to no avail. called in a IT guy who after some twiddling and feeding discs into it managed to get it working again. NOw, heres the strange bit. Digby was on the phone to me and checking his computer at the same time for upodates. there were non for him??
Anyone explain how how microsoft can reccomend these two updates to me and not to him? our two computers were re programmed at the same time, we check for updates at the same time. I have AGV and AD aware in stalled, these are updated daily too, and i defrag every sunday morning.
Wierd i call it! The IT man said my problem was that i was corrupted by a download program. (it could only have come from microsoft)
Now. i will never update windows again. these damn windows updates are screwing too many computers into the ground. (may even revert back to windows 98 again, its what most of the internet cafes use over here, and they are not getting the problems that XP seems to be getting.
Any comments lads? (Cloud) (MAD)

John Briggs
16th October 2006, 05:29
I have windows XP and I never worry about updates as I have set it to do so automatically. I seem to get quite a number of updates but they are only installed when I switch off the computer. So far, touch wood, no problems.

16th October 2006, 07:25
It has been recommended by a good computer geek in the USA. cancel automatic updates and do it manualy, only download high security updates by clicking on "custom". any other updates can install problems on some computers.
Personaly i know next to nothing about computers, but, this geek friend has control of 5,000 computers for an important government ofice, therefore i am inclined to listen to him when he says XP contains many things we wont use that only clog things up and look for an excuse to impair your programs.

Mad Landsman
16th October 2006, 19:44
I am one of the many who have had a PC 'lock up' due probably to the Microsoft automatic updates on XP Pro. - I can't prove it but it was more than coincidence that each time after the updates were downloaded my main PC would not let me even log on next time I started up, I had to use Safe mode and restore it from there.
It seems OK at the moment but I am now looking seriously at LINUX, but which distro? Are there any users out there and if so what do you use?
One thing for sure is that I will wait a very long time before I buy MS Vista, if and when it is released, or escapes into the wild.

John Briggs
16th October 2006, 22:03
Thanks Billyboy - I have done as you suggested.

17th October 2006, 00:21
Hello, Billyboy, you seem to be having more than your fare share of pc disasters. One of these days, I expect to see a message from you saying that you have taken an axe to it all. Best of Luck!!

17th October 2006, 00:39
Treeve. i will try not to keep you waiting too long mate...LOl
Have to admit i have been VERY close to Axeing it a few times. I now have a new CPU and thought my problems were over. but not so i'm afraid. certainly done my last ever download from microsoft though.
Stranger thing is, I know a guy who had XP when it first came out. he loaded it himself and has never taken an update on it at all. he has no problems with it! he says "if you computer runs well and does all you want it too why risk taking on upgrades that will probably upset it"

17th October 2006, 01:23

I just checked with Microsoft and there is no XP Service Pack 3 issued by them - it is due in 2007.

You must have hit some kind of rogue site I think.

What on earth do you get up to over there? You'll go blind before long. ;)


17th October 2006, 04:38
I did what i always do Brian. start menu and click on windows update mate and in it came. the one SP# would have been a 7hour 56 minute download so i decided not to go for it and clicked cancell. the other one was 10 minute download and i took it. ??? mysterious or what?

K urgess
18th October 2006, 19:30
Do you think this could be the problem with your PC, billyboy?

K urgess
18th October 2006, 20:23
Or maybe you're using the wrong version.

Try this


19th October 2006, 01:47
Do you think this could be the problem with your PC, billyboy?

Ha ha ha!... nice one marconi! did think i may be feeding it the wrong kind of rice though ... lol (Jester)

19th October 2006, 01:53
Or maybe you're using the wrong version.

Try this


Sorry so long in replying. been busy relabeling me sh 1 te buttons mate LOL
nice one. have you sent a copy to Jeff yet? (Jester)

K urgess
19th October 2006, 09:52
There are versions of Windaz 2000 for everyone.

This is the closest I could get to you with a quick search (

If you Google "Windaz" you'll find some variations that might suit better(Thumb)

19th October 2006, 16:52
Brilliant Marconi, (Jester) any chance you could source a "Norn Iron" version. of "windies" fur uz bog hoppers(Thumb)

K urgess
19th October 2006, 17:19
There used to be a Norn Iron version but the link has gone so I will have to substitute these small offerings.

More later if you're interested.

John Mepham
4th December 2006, 17:46
Just set your system to Automatic Updates, then you can forget all about
them, plus they are only genuine Microsoft updates.
Unless you do a massive amount of work on your computer there isn't any
need to defrag every week, one a month is about the normal thing.
I once had to call out the experts to kick start my system after I installed
a recommended update, it turned out that wasn't an MS one either.

4th December 2006, 20:12
I did notice the other week in a cover disc which I received from the UK a unofficial SP3 ,but it was nothing to do with Microsoft