MCM deployment to the Gulf

17th October 2006, 16:33
The Sandown class MCM vessels HMS Ramsay (M110) and Blyth (M111) are due to leave Faslane later this month for an extended deploment to the Gulf. The two ships are expected to be away from the UK for about 2-3 years and will be the latest of the RN vessels to be utilising the "Sea Swap" programme. Crews will rotate about every 6-months so giving training to nearly all Sandown crews in the use of the 2093 sonar in this type of environment.
Rgds Neill
I need help on my RMAS page!!!!

20th October 2006, 11:44
Great site, Neill, I will learn a lot from it....I can see the Victory passing the rock......hey, what kind of fuel does that plane use, anyway?