William C Daldy 2006

28th October 2006, 20:31
She is back in steam for the 2006-7 season. I was on board yesterday and the boilers are lite.

Its good to smell the burning coal and to hear the clanking of the boiler fire doors along with the noise of the shovel being pushed into a load of coal.

There is a busy season ahead for the society and if there is anyone around the Auckland area who would like to stoke or drive a live triple expansion engine there are always a place on board. You would be most welcome.

First trip is next Saturday.

J Boyde
29th October 2006, 07:54
raybnz. I have tended to avoid Auckland since I had my stroke but you offer to throw some coal on the William C Daldy is an incentive to go there. An apprentice ship spending building boilers, riviting, firing then wounding up on motor ships the chance to even watch a three legger working would delight me. I am sure all my children and grandchildren would be interested,
Jim B

Jan Hendrik
29th October 2006, 08:15
Ray, there already is a thread on this ship on the same page.
You contributed yourself earlier, perhaps an idea to "move" this to that thread so then keeping the info together.