Auckland Shipping 07 May 1970

david smith
24th October 2004, 09:26
image deleted

24th October 2004, 21:01
A fine collection there.Days now gone but good to remember.

22nd November 2004, 19:49
The Port of Auckland is nowhere near as busy today - sometimes only one or two ships in port, but six or seven is a more usual number. Most of these go to the Container Terminal or to Freyberg Wharf at the eastern end of the port complex. The secondary container wharf at Bledisloe gets a few visitors as does Princes Wharf with cruise ships over the summer. The old general cargo wharfs are but a shadow of their former selves and most have now lost their cargo sheds.
Of the ships mentioned in your post (dedication writing all that out), only one is still afloat - the coaster "Maunganui" around the coast of Bangladesh as "Saleem".
Even the once mighty Union Steam Ship Company has gone...............

1st December 2004, 08:03
HAWEA was scrapped some years ago, but the WANAKA is still going strong, although totally unrecognizable from her days on the NZ coast.
Built in Hong Kong in 1970, she was sold in 1976 becoming the RATA HILLS. In 1978 she was renamed INIOCHOS EXPRESS, BREIZH-IZEL in 1980 (spent a lot of time in the UK under this name), and DUCHESS M in 1989. In 2000 she was renamed BALBEK, but this couldn't have lasted as she was called DUCHESS M when she collided with the RO/RO passenger ferry SVETI STEFAN while berthing at Bari, Italy on 8 October 2003.

Perhaps Tanker has a photo since she is in his part of the world?

If you ever return to Auckland, David, be prepared for a shock. Vastly changed, all your old haunts will all long be gone.

jim heslop
19th February 2008, 06:17
Flyer 628
I worked on the Auckland waterfront for 33years with Leonard &Dingley but before that I used to be mate of the Maunganui before i came ashore

19th February 2008, 06:41
In my book it is getting time for the port to be relocated up to a new deep water port near Whangarei as proposed.

The City of Auckland has out grown the port and the transport getting goods to and from the port is having to put up with heavy traffic congestion.

Richard John Burton
19th March 2008, 22:51
Auckland waterfront taken from the sky tower March 2006