Oceans Of Time

30th October 2006, 16:47
Hi guys...The wife and I enjoyed our break in Melbourne and Brisbane and I meeting up with old shipmates. Only baggage weight prevented me from hauling more books across the ditch as the interest was high. Thank you Ted in Indooroopliy, Brisbane for your your hospitality and hope you enjoyed the read. To Russell Priest editor of the LOG in Melbourne and will be looking forward to your review in the December issue.
After hot weather in OZ we came back to a storm in Wellington and freezing weather. Cook Strait was its tempestuous self having nine metre waves and trapped the Challenger ferry and its passengers for ten hours in Cloudy Bay, Marlborough.
Oceans Of Time sales go very well. Im advised Dymocks, Whitcoulls and Paper Plus are all getting stocks in during November. These are NZ/OZ bookshop chains. I have a book signing in our local Kilbirnie Paper Plus book shop in Nov. Also 2ZB Saturday morning Gary Ward Show has slotted me into their book session interview on Nov. 4 between 9am-noon.
My publisher is yet to return from the UK so I have no info on a UK outlet at the moment but will post asap. OZ readers can order through Dymocks bookshops or any for that matter. As long as you have the title and authors name they will order for you.
Bobby Dunkley...My old shipmate from the Athenic 68/69. Saw your request for a book in the publishers office. How about emailing me so we can swing the lamp mate!

Cheers Daveyjones

31st October 2006, 01:13
Hi Davey,
After 2 weeks I am only into Chapter 3 but have been doing a lot of talking about it and showing it around, perhaps if I shut up more I,d be able to get into it more.
Thats not the problem realy, lifestyle is going thru a change at the moment and christmas preparations are creeping into the business and have sold the mother inlaws home unit( she is laying in a Nursing Home without any quality of life)and have to sort and move her belongings.
Get over these hurdles soon and I will have Oceans of Time to myself once again, looking forward to both.
Regards to Bev and yourself

Doug H
31st October 2006, 02:27
Greetings Dave, I ordered your book from NZ by telephone. It arrived in three or for days (to Oz). I started it that afternoon and finished it the following evening - really enjoyed it! Thanks for the memories!! Kind regards, Doug H

1st November 2006, 02:21
Thank you Doug. That was pretty good going as far as mail goes between OZ and NZ. I mailed the same book while in Melbourne recently to Sydney and it took 4 days! It is now in the Kiwi bookshops, Dymocks, Paper Plus, and Whitcoulls so I assume Ozzies who are interested can get them from the same bookshops over there. Having some great feed back which makes it all worthwhile.

Cheers Daveyjones

27th November 2006, 12:43
would you please tell the name of your outlet in the UK

1st December 2006, 20:22
would you please tell the name of your outlet in the UK Hello RSTIMARU i finished this great book recently i beleive Mainmast are going to be stocking it just in case you need it the ISBN no is ISBN 1-877338-93-1

Pat McCardle
13th January 2007, 14:49
Just recieved my copy today, 6 weeks after ordering from Mainmast Books here in England. I will take thisaway with me at the end of January & have a good read. I shall return!

dave beaumont
14th January 2007, 01:42
Hi Dave, just finished reading your book. What a great life you had at sea. Wish i would have made notes and kept a diary or something as brain getting a bit slower these days. Some great ships you sailed on that are now but a memory but with books like yours and sites like shipsnostalgia and others those days will never be forgotton. Well done on a great book and a great seagoing career Dave. Cheers dave

15th January 2007, 15:23
Thank you Dave for your comments on my book Oceans Of Time. You are correct in reminding us old seadogs that Ships Nostalgia give us another way to reminisce our yesteryears on the briny.

Glad to hear Mainmast have received stocks.

Cheers Davejones

Pat McCardle
15th January 2007, 17:54
Mainmast are charging £19inc P&P

Pat McCardle
3rd March 2007, 17:29
Read your book last trip Dave. A good yarn & worth the read. I was born 10 years too late but all the stories I've heard from older shipmates you would have thought I was selling seafood outside the Kent Arms. Well done for keeping a diary of your times at sea...........We all wish we had done the same?
Best regards, Pat

8th April 2007, 21:46
A review of a new book appeared in our local paper & a copy duly appeared as a birthday present.It is called "Shipping Out A Merchant Sailors Tale" written by Gerry Evans.It is a very good read & like "Oceans OF Time" is written by an ex British seafarer now living in NZ.It struck me that both authors were far from impressed with the efforts of the NUS on their behalf except perhaps in ensuring dues were paid before shipping out. Kiwi

11th April 2007, 19:06
Hi Kiwi. Yes I attended my mates book launch a few weeks ago. 'Shipping Out' by Gerry Evans is a very good read. Any book that preserves the memories of a golden age of shipping that a lot of us were part of should hold a prime place on our book shelves. Gerry gives his thoughts on the UK National Union Of Seamen in the 50 and 60's and arrived at the same opinion as I had of them. There were a couple of officials in the Royal Docks who whom I mention in my book that were good friends, but collectively the 'Clapham shiny arses' were school boys against the wise heads in the OZ and Kiwi Seafarer Unions. No wonder the Brit shipowner couldnt care less about the union. Do you remember the NUS official in NZ who would go and see the Skipper before coming to see those he supposedly advocated for? When I arrived home after a voyage from NZ I would get into the union officials vent about the NZ advocates, but nothing changed. Apart from the NUS there were more rewarding memories of an era that was the time of our lives.
Cheers Daveyjones