24th October 2004, 15:47
Can anyone reconstruct the history of this two old B/C pictured at Genoa in 1969? (puzzle corner) in Shipsnostalgia site !

2nd November 2004, 19:31
Interesting photo of a special ship, the PHEAX.
Originally she was a standard tanker T2, the SEDAN, built at Hoboken in 1943.Her funnel is tipical.
Renamed: 1947 GRAVENCHON, 1947 ESSO FRANCE, 1954 ESSO FLANDRE. In 1960, with the insertion of a new midship section, converted to a bulk carrier in Belgium and renamed PHEAX.
In 1977 renamed AL KHAZAN and in 1978 CHIOS FLAG. Broken up in the same year.

The other one had a shorter life:
Oil tanker, 12057 gt, built in Port Glasgow in 1952 as the LARISTAN.
1963 remaned ALOR STAR, 1966 THASSOS ISLAND, 1970 MENTOR, 1971 MAREAN. Disappears from Register in 1973.

david smith
2nd November 2004, 20:40
I suspected an old tanker for one - but what a result! No matter what direction I went i could not get anywhere - how was it done?

2nd November 2004, 22:20
Well, as I said, the PHEAX funnel was unmistakably a T2 funnel.
Starting from that point it was not difficult, by browsing "Victory Ships and Tankers" of Sawyer and Mitchell.

Delighted to have been of help!


Bob S
3rd November 2004, 13:18
A good web site for T2 tankers is:
This site lists ship under builders giving there histories.

3rd November 2004, 13:26
Just as amatter of interest,an old trials shot in my collection of the next LARISTAN also Clyde built by Lithgow at Port Glasgow in 1965.

14th November 2004, 13:56
Many thanks my friends for the resolution of my puzzle corner.
i am very happy for the acceptance of mystery ships!!!