The "Connemara" - "Retriever" Disaster 90 yrs ago.

2nd November 2006, 20:47
90 Years ago on the evening of 3rd Nov. 1916 at 8.05 pm, the London & North Western Railway Co. vessel, t.s.s. "Connemara" (1105 gt) sailed from Greenore for Holyhead into a fierce sw gale and heavy seas on a strong ebb tide. Under the command of Captain G.H.Doeg and carrying 55 passengers and 31 crew, with general cargo and livestock, she met and was in collision with the Clanrye Steamship Co. of Newry's 10 year old collier the s.s. "Retriever" (459 gt). - Captain P.O'Neill and 8 crew. The "Retriever" was allready in difficulties as her cargo of coal had shifted soon after she had left Garston and she was almost unmanageable, she veered to port struck the "Connemara" amidships, penetrating her almost to the funnel and reversed away. Within 5 minates the "Connemara" sank with all onboard. The "Retriever" kept afloat for about 15 minates and then sank, one man James Boyle, survived by clinging to an upturned lifeboat and washed ashore 700 yard away at Cranfield. The "Retriever" waslater held responsible at the BoT Inquiry. 94 lost their lives on that fateful night!!! Memorial services and commemorative events were held last month both in Holyhead and Greenore with large attendances. On Sat. next the 4th Nov. a service will be held near the commemorative plaque erected 10 years ago at Victoria Locks on the Newry Canal. ------ ----- ------- We too,do weep and sympathise -- With all who truly mourn, -- For loved ones who were shipwrecked -- By the shores of Kindly Mourne. -- ( (from- - "The Loss of the Connemara",-- by, Clare Kathleen Meeke)

samuel j
2nd November 2006, 21:04
We operate two feeder containerships m.v. camira and connemara, both reg in cork. link is to photo i recently put up of "Connemara"
She currently on Tc to eurofeeders and regular Dublin-Belfast-rotterdam run